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  1. Materialising and Dematerialising A Web of Data. (Or What We’ve Learned From Printing The Internet Out)

    What’s happening now is that the web of data wants to escape the screen, it wants to materialise into the real world, it wants to get physical, become objects. And that the next exciting stuff is going to be about designing data that can live on the screen, in devices, on paper, as things, wherever.

    So that’s what I’m hoping to talk about. About getting a little post-digital, about analogue friction, about printing to large industrial infrastructures, about unproducts and letter-boxes and rabbits. And there’ll be jokes and silly videos too.


    Russell was born in Derby, enjoyed an uneventful childhood, did college, all that. After failing as a popstar and a joke writer he ended up in advertising and tried to do ‘interactive marketing’ way before anyone was interested. Ended up at Wieden Kennedy working on clients like Microsoft, Nike and Honda. Then he went to work for Nike as Global Consumer Planning Director.

    He went freelance in 2006 and works with shadowy organisations like the Open Intelligence Agency and the Really Interesting Group. He also writes eggbaconchipsandbeans occasionally organises ‘Interesting’ conferences, plays with things like speechification, dawdlr and slowpoke and does columns for Campaign magazine and Wired UK.

    If asked what he actually does all day, he’ll normally mutter something about ‘post-digital’.

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  2. Aral Balkan — The Art of Emotional Design

    Most apps suck. Making an app that doesn’t suck is hard work and requires uncom­pro mis ing focus. We call apps that don’t suck “usable”. However, in the Age of User Experience, mak ing apps that are merely usable is no longer good enough.

    So how can you go beyond mak ing usable apps to cre at ing excep tional expe ri ences that evoke pow er ful emo tions in users?

    In this inspi ra tional ses sion, Aral will offer you an impas sioned glimpse into his approach of author ing apps that peo ple find joy ful and fun; apps that peo ple fall in love with.

    Delight, story, empa thy, char ac ter, voice, beauty, fun, and play are just some of the top ics that will be cov ered and illus trated with exam ples from Aral’s decade-​​long expe ri ence in author ing web, Flash, desk top, and mobile apps, includ ing his lat est top-​​selling iPhone app, Feathers.

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  3. James Bridle — Wrangling Time: The Form and Future of the Book

    The internet has been around long enough now that it has a proper history, and it has started to produce media and artefacts that live in and comment on that history. James will be talking about his work with writing, books and wikipedia that hopes to explain and illuminate this temporal depth.

    James Bridle is a publisher, writer and artist based in London, UK. He founded the print-on-demand classics press Bookkake and the e-book-only imprint Artists’ eBooks, and created Bkkeepr, a tool for tracking reading and sharing bookmarks, and Quietube, an accidental anti-censorship proxy for the Middle East. He makes things with words, books and the internet, and writes about what he does at booktwo.org.


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