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  1. Aral Balkan — The Art of Emotional Design

    Most apps suck. Making an app that doesn’t suck is hard work and requires uncom­pro mis ing focus. We call apps that don’t suck “usable”. However, in the Age of User Experience, mak ing apps that are merely usable is no longer good enough.

    So how can you go beyond mak ing usable apps to cre at ing excep tional expe ri ences that evoke pow er ful emo tions in users?

    In this inspi ra tional ses sion, Aral will offer you an impas sioned glimpse into his approach of author ing apps that peo ple find joy ful and fun; apps that peo ple fall in love with.

    Delight, story, empa thy, char ac ter, voice, beauty, fun, and play are just some of the top ics that will be cov ered and illus trated with exam ples from Aral’s decade-​​long expe ri ence in author ing web, Flash, desk top, and mobile apps, includ ing his lat est top-​​selling iPhone app, Feathers.

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