Information Architecture - Beyond the Hierarchy

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  1. London IA Podcast: Episode 3 with Lou Rosenfeld

    Few of us would be where we are in our field without the contribution of Lou Rosenfeld, our guest this month. Andrew Travers and Matthew Solle talked with Lou over Skype about his upcoming October workshops in London, his new book on search analytics, and about how far IA and UX has come since the first edition of the polar bear book.

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  2. London IA Podcast: Episode 4 with Giles Colborne

    Episode 4 of the London IA podcast is - finally - out. In it, we chat with Giles Colborne, managing director of CX Partners and author of 'Simple and Usable' about his career in design, the evolution of user centred design, writing, the role of conferences, and distraction and delight in design.

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