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  1. RTE Drivetime - Broadband in Rural Ireland

    For nearly 15 years rural Ireland has been promised high speed broadband……..the promises has been renewed again by this Government who say every home in Ireland will now have high speed connectivity by 2022. David McCourt spoke to Drivetime.

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  2. DCF - FTW

    Discount the free cash flows by a factor determined by the Capital Asset Pricing Model is something every classically-trained financier knows. Alas, real world valuation ends up being much messier. We discuss ways academic theories have been tossed aside in the real world and newfangled heuristics have given us unicorns and would-be hi-fliers like Valeant.

    MODERATOR: Sujeet Indap, US Editor of Lex, Financial Times.

    PANELLISTS Mark Tluszcz, Co-Founder, Mangrove Capital Partners; Jacco Brouwer, Head of Debt Advisory, AlixPartners; Marc Goedhart, Senior Expert, McKinsey & Co.; David Pitt-Watson, Executive Fellow of Finance, London Business School; Dr John Thanassoulis, Professor of Financial Economics, Warwick Business School.

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  3. Beg, steal and borrow – a beginner’s guide to stock fraud

    Scam artists, share promoters, creative accountants and complacent auditors have all got rich, so why shouldn’t you? Three experts in the art of fraud spotting will talk us through some of the common recipes for cooking the books.

    MODERATOR: Dan McCrum, Capital Markets Editor, Financial Times.

    PANELLISTS: Francine McKenna, Transparency Reporter, Marketwatch; Melvin Galpion, Analyst, J Capital Research; Carson Block, Founder, Muddy Waters Capital.

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  4. The Business of Football

    MODERATOR: David Bick, Founder, Square1 Consulting.

    PANELLISTS: Keith Harris, Former Chairman, Football League; Nicola Cortese, Chairman, SMC Sports; Richard Green, Partner, Hill Dickinson.

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  5. Tech and neo-imperialism

    “Denying the world’s poorest free partial Internet connectivity when today they have none, for ideological reasons, strikes me as morally wrong… Another in a long line of economically suicidal decisions made by the Indian government against its own citizens,” tweeted Facebook board member and VC Marc Andreessen in February, when the Indian government nixed Facebook’s plans in the country. Might Marc have a point?

    MODERATOR: David Keohane, FT Alphaville, Financial Times.

    PANELLISTS: Nandan Nilekani, Chairman, EkStep; Richard Allan, Director of Policy in Europe, Facebook; Mihir Sharma, Opinion Editor, Business Standard; Brett Scott, Author of The Heretic’s Guide of Global Finance.

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  6. The New Nationalism - The Money Story

    PRESENTATION: Ann Pettifor, Honorary Research Fellow, City University London.

    PANEL MODERATOR: John Authers, Senior Investment Commentator, Financial Times.

    PANELLISTS: Frances Coppola, Financial Writer, Coppola Comment; Tyler Cowen, Professor of Economics, George Mason University; Srinivas Thiruvadanthai, Director of Research and Managing Director, The Jerome Levy Forecasting Centre; Ann Pettifor, Honorary Research Fellow, City University London.

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  7. The cypherpunks, the internet and privacy

    Izabella Kaminska, FT Alphaville, Financial Times in conversation with Jon Matonis, Founding Director, Bitcoin Foundation.

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  8. Return of the human

    The drumbeat of the robot/jobs apocalypse grows ever louder by the day, but while some workers have been replaced by machines, elsewhere the human has proven more resilient than prophesied. The elimination of menial tasks has freed us up to do more interesting work, while cheap labour has made it more efficient to turn humans into automatons than to displace us entirely.

    MODERATOR: Sarah O’Connor, Employment Correspondent, Financial Times.

    PANELLISTS: Rich Walker, Managing Director, Shadow Robot Mark Pollock, Explorer and Collaboration Catalyst, Mark Pollock Trust Robert Shrimsley, Managing Editor of FT.com, Financial Times.

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  9. How the music industry really works

    The music industry has grappled with the challenges posed by our new digital era longer than most. But as much as upstart technology companies have skewered the business model of music, industry heavyweights have hit back with their significant economic and legal weight.

    MODERATOR: Kadhim Shubber, FT Alphaville, Financial Times.

    PANELLISTS: Lohan Presencer, CEO, Ministry of Sound Gregor Pryor, Partner, Co-Chair of the Entertainment and Media Industry Group, Reed Smith LLP Helienne Lindvall, Songwriter, Musician and Newspaper Columnist.

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  10. Public markets RIP

    The defining characteristic of the latest tech boom is the lack of public IPOs, with the VC industry both cultivating and encouraging secondary market trading of privately held shares. What are the real consequences of this paradigm shift?

    MODERATOR: Robert Armstrong, Editor of Lex, Financial Times.

    PANELLISTS: Jeff Lynn, Co-Founder, Seedrs Felix Salmon, Senior Editor, Fusion Neil Camp.

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