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  1. Rich text, with Slim Lim - Metamuse podcast

    Rich text editing is a foundational interaction in productivity software. Slim joins Mark and Adam to explain how rich text is more than just bold and italics for prose, but also includes math equations, diagrams, slideshows, and sheet music. Their discussion includes WYSIWYG versus markup languages for end users; how block-based editors change our understanding of rich text; and why Pandoc is Slim’s favorite piece of software. Plus: how to choose the best wagon in Oregon Trail.


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  2. Mary Ruefle : An Incarnation of the Now - Tin House

    Beloved and critically-acclaimed poet, essayist, and erasure artist, Mary Ruefle talks about her life as an artist, her approach to poetry, the questions she comes back to, and the artists that influence her. Ruefle is the author of ten books of poetry, the collected lectures Madness, Rack & Honey, a book of prose, a comic book, and the erasure A Little White Shadow.


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  3. A Left Reckoning in Texas? (ft. David Griscom)

    Djene Bajalan talks to self-proclaimed honkytonk socialist, David Griscom, of the Left Reckoning Podcast about the politics in Texas. How has the culture war played into the Republican Party’s consolidation of power? Why have Democrats and liberals been unable to effectively oppose GOP rule? And is the socialist left doomed to be liquidated into the Democratic Party?

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  4. Weekly Typographic: Chris Skillern, from Tulsey Type

    One of the things we really love about doing this podcast is the opportunity to chat to type designers, and especially newer designers who are doing their own thing with type design. This week we’re delighted to chat with Chris Skillern, from Tulsey Type.

    You might recognise Chris’ name from the TypeWknd21 round up episodes last year, as we really enjoyed his talk about the Cherokee syllabary. We catch up with Chris to find out about his experience completing the online Type West course, his tips for creativity and type design, and what he’s working on now. https://www.theleagueofmoveabletype.com/podcast/an-interview-with-chris-skillern-of-tulsey-type

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  5. Core IntuitionEpisode 511: A Quick Fix For Attention - Core Intuition

    In the midst of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, Daniel and Manton talk about Manton’s long history with Twitter, starting with enthusiasm, continuing to active development for the platform, and ending with digust. They psychoanalyze Elon Musk and his propensity for seeking adultation on Twitter, and compare him to Jack Dorsey. In the second half of the show they follow up on Helpscout and talk about the service’s statistics reporting on customer service performance. Finally, Manton shares an example of a less than stellar customer support experience he had with another company, and they discuss when and how often automated responses should be used.


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  6. Micro Monday - 100: A Conversation About Micro.blog, with special guest Patrick Rhone

    A special episode to mark a milestone for the Micro Monday podcast. Manton and Jean talk with Patrick Rhone, who previously appeared on Episode 4. We take a look at how Micro.blog has evolved and where it’s going, focusing on these questions:

    How important are independent blogs, considering what we have seen elsewhere in social media?

    How has Micro.blog and the community evolved?

    How could Micro.blog be improved?

    Our pets share opinions too.



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  7. Designing Resilient Systems: an evening with Aaron Maniam, Randy Hunt & Yishan Lam

    Designing Resilient Systems

    2020 saw governments, companies and livelihoods universally taking a beating. Looking ahead to a better, yet no less certain, year in 2021, how can we organise ourselves to weather the storms with purpose and optimism?

    In this Feed session, we invited poet, policymaker and polymath Aaron Maniam and design veteran Randy J. Hunt, Head of Design at Grab, to shed light on resilience in moments of crisis and when taking a long view of systems.

    Gleaning from Aaron’s background as a futurist, community builder and his current PhD research on digital government & society, and Randy’s experience building unicorn marketplaces driving how communities behave and access opportunities online, we explored ideas on how to plan for growth even in provisional settings and design systems that withstand various stresses of time and scarcity.

    The conversation was moderated by Shan, co-founder of Project Feed & Director at McKinsey in Digital Transformation, Business-building & Design.

    Hosted in partnership with Straits Clan Wednesday, 2 December 2020, 8pm

    About Aaron

    Aaron Maniam is a civil servant by profession, a poet by calling — and both by passion. He’s served at the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Trade & Industry, the Public Service Division and Civil Service College. As the first head of the Centre for Strategic Futures (2010-2011), he and his team analysed long-term trends and their significance for Singapore. In his current role as deputy secretary at the Ministry of Communications and Information, he coordinates policy on digitalisation, including digital transformation of the economy; regulation of telcos, data, AI and other digital infrastructure; digital inclusion and diplomacy.

    Aaron was recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader in 2013, by the Asia Society as an Asia 21 Young Leader in 2007, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts, Manufacture and Commerce (FRSA). He is a trained facilitator of inter-religious and inter-ethnic dialogue, and

    Aaron is completing a PhD at Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government on how governments and societies can most effectively deploy digital technology, comparing efforts by the governments of Estonia, New Zealand and Singapore. His research spawned Chasing Scarcity, a TV series on Channel News Asia exploring the question, ‘is scarcity real?’ He recently spoke at TED global on new ways to understand life during a pandemic. He has published two poetry collections and is working on his third.

    About Randy

    Randy leads the design organisation at Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading super app that meets the daily needs, creates transport freedom, and brings financial inclusion to enable the vast potential of some 620 million lives in 500 cities and towns across eight countries.

    For more than fifteen years he’s designed and built multi-sided marketplaces: a designer-made marketplace named Supermarket (now defunct) he co-founded, then Etsy, Artsy, and now Grab. The nature of that design has evolved over time, from the craft of creating easy-to-use and attractive online shopping, selling, and communication software to creating long-term value through design practices spanning service design, product design, UX research, design operations, design systems, illustration and more, that benefit and strengthen an entire enterprise.

    He is the author of Product Design for the Web published by New Riders in 2013, which is out of print but available on O’Reilly’s platform and Amazon.

    Previously, Randy founded and directed a design studio, Citizen Scholar Inc., that worked with clients in education, environment, arts, and social good. He has served on juries for design awards, arts awards, and scholarships and given interviews over the years, available on his website randyjhunt.com.

    About Feed

    Feed is an event series bringing together diverse perspectives in technology, ventures and creativity organised by Dominic Soon & Yishan Lam. ===
    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLp5p5TeCpc
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  8. Episode 34: Interview with Cap Watkins, Founder at Practical Works + Prev. VP Design at Buzzfeed


    As the founder of the leadership consultancy Practical Works (and former VP of Design at Buzzfeed, to boot), Cap shares what he wishes he would’ve learned earlier about our reliance on instincts instead of tools as a leader, and how being “people first” can actually be a pitfall.


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