How Uber & Lyft Are Buying Labor Laws with Prop 22 w/ Alex Sammon - MR Live - 10/26/20

On today’s show: Trump rambles about MAGA and a recovering economy over dramatic music. Mark Meadows says WH giving up on fighting corona virus, “we’re not going to control the pandemic.”

Sam hosts Alex Sammon (@alex_sammon), staff writer at the American Prospect, to discuss California’s Prop 22 and how tech companies are working overtime to set labor laws back decades for non-white working-class people. How Prop 22 would hurt gig workers and why Uber, Lyft & co are spending millions to ram it through. The implications Prop 22 could have for workers in other industries. How the forces behind Prop 22 bought the support of prominent people including California NAACP president Alice Huffman. How ridesharing apps could run a successful business without immiserating their workers.

On the fun half: Trump says doctors are overcounting corona virus deaths for financial purposes. Jared Kushner says WH is working with Ice Cube to help black Americans, says black people complain about circumstances. Ted Cruz says he’s worried about the debt still. Tucker Carlson says parents separated from kids don’t want their kids back. IMAGE: Clay Higgins tweets that his clairvoyant wife has seen a future where Americans are rounded up by feds. Asked about her feelings on Biden’s fracking stance, AOC says she’s happy to lobby Biden, but winning comes first. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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