Episode 9: Emily Bazelon — The OAM Network

Noura Jackson was freed from prison in 2016 after her murder conviction was overturned because of prosecutorial misconduct. Charged with the murder of her own mother, the sensational nature of Jackson's case has gained attention from several national media outlets. However, in a new feature in the New York Times Magazine writer Emily Bazelon explores the human side of a reversed murder conviction, the history of prosecutorial misconduct in Shelby County, and its legal and social repercussions.An acclaimed author, scholar, and accomplished podcaster (on a competing network), Emily was kind enough to join us to discuss her latest work. We talked to her about why she became interested in the Jackson case in the first place, why prosecutors are required to hand over evidence, and what she wants Memphians to understand about the Noura Jackson case and her reporting on it.