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  1. Dialogue: How Climate Change Impacts East Tennessee | WUOT

    When you hear climate change, you might think of sea-level rise or shrinking glaciers. So what impact does climate change have on landlocked Tennessee? In April’s episode of Dialogue, we’ll take a look at the relationship between human actions and extreme weather and biodiversity in this corner of the world. We’ll also talk about what’s being done to fight the impacts of climate change in East Tennessee.

    WUOT’s Claire Heddles will be joined by a panel of experts Wednesday at noon. Submit your questions to wuotnews@utk.edu or @WUOTFM on social media!

    Dr. Xingli Giam specializes in conservation ecology, and how global environmental change impacts ecosystems, biodiversity and land use. He has recently been exploring how climate change affects aquatic species in Southern Appalachia.

    Isabella Killius is the local coordinator for Sunrise Movement in Knoxville. Sunrise Movement is a youth-led advocacy organization focused on combatting climate change. Locally, the Sunrise Movement advises the Knoxville Mayor’s Climate Council and organizes campaigns for environmental justice.

    Dr. Kelsey Ellis is a physical geographer specializing in meteorology and climatology. Her research focuses mainly on extreme and hazardous weather, including hurricanes, tornadoes, and extreme temperatures and precipitation. She studies how humans both impact, and are impacted by, local climates.


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  2. How Domestic Policy Has Limited Immigrant Rights in Modern America w/ Sarah R. Coleman - MR Live

    Sam and Emma host Texas State history professor Sarah R. Coleman to discuss her new book The Walls Within: The Politics of Immigration in Modern America on how immigration law has evolved in the last 50 years in America. And progressive activist Nabilah Islam joins us in the Fun Half to discuss what’s happening in Georgia.

    And in the Fun Half: Nabilah Islam gives us an update of what’s happening in Georgia, caller with concerns over immigration anxiety in Europe, the material degradation of the immigrant court system and how Biden has failed to fix anything in the immigration process, Sam and Emma break down the premiere of “Gutfeld!”, Tucker Carlson knows he’s full of shit, plus your calls and IMs!

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  3. Anti-Worker Amazon Exposed, Melting Down w/ Ken Klippenstein - MR Live - 4/1/21

    Emma hosts Ken Klippenstein, reporter for The Intercept, to discuss his three recent articles on the horrible experiences of Amazon employees and their unionization efforts. First, Ken talks about his reporting on delivery associates who routinely have to urinate in bottles in order to meet daily quotas. Despite Amazon’s claims, Ken uncovered documents that show that management has not only been aware of this issue, but that they actively tell their employees to keep this practice a secret. Then, Ken discusses the recent tweets coming from Amazon’s PR account which have gone after people making these accusations. Ken believes that whoever has been tweeting is someone from senior leadership, possibly even Jeff Bezos himself. Finally, Ken discusses his investigation into Amazon’s paid twitter army who are trained to go after any criticism and aggressively defend the company on social media. Ken’s reporting has brought to light what a lot of us have suspected all along: Amazon employees work under horrible conditions and any unionization efforts have been actively shut down by management.

    And in the Fun Half: Antony Blinken’s hit single, watch Marjorie Taylor Greene do “butterfly pull ups,” Ben Shapiro justifies his views on voter suppression based off of his experiences at DisneyLand, Adam Sandler as “the waterboy” is going to come visit you in line to vote, Kristi Noem doesn’t seem to know what infrastructure is, the freshman Republican Senator “hype video” is just plain confusing, plus your calls and IMs!

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  4. News w/ MR Crew

    Sam is back this week and covering the stories leading the headlines including the voting rights and culture war clash in Georgia, the race against a fourth Covid wave, and the arrival of infrastructure week. Sam and Emma discuss the kabuki theater of infrastructure week, Sam remembers when MAGA was Pat Buchannan’s conservative populism and the GOP’s action memo for how they’ll win the working class vote of the future.

    And in the Fun Half: Sam’s last film role, gold-bugs are now crypto-bugs, Michelle Malkin validates white nationalists, Mike Lindell is letting it all out, untangling the immigration gordian knot, plus your calls and IMs!

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  5. #448 Touré Reed - Toward Freedom: The Case Against Race Reductionism

    RECORDED ON JANUARY 13th 2021. Dr. Touré Reed is a professor in the History department at Illinois State University. Dr. Reed earned his BA in American Studies from Hampshire College (Amherst, MA), and his PhD in History from Columbia University (New York, NY). Dr. Reed’s research interests center on race, class, and inequality. He’s the author of Toward Freedom: The Case Against Race Reductionism.

    In this episode, we focus on Toward Freedom. We go through some of the history of black politics in the US, including slavery, the post-New Deal period, the post-war period, the civil rights movement, Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty, Reagan and neoliberalism, and current political movements. We also discuss the relationship between race and class, and race and class reductionism. We also talk about solutions for the social and economic situation Black Americans find themselves in, like affirmative action and reparations, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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  6. Inaugural Ted Rose Lecture Series ~ Dr. Touré F. Reed

    “The Pitfalls of Woke Neoliberalism: The Conservative Implications of Liberal Race Reductionism”

    Dr. Touré F. Reed is a Professor of 20th Century U.S. and Afro-American History at Illinois State University. He earned his B.A. in American Studies from Hampshire College and his M.A. and Ph.D. in History from Columbia University. Professor Reed has published in Catalyst, the Journal of American Ethnic History, LABOR, Nonsite.org, Black Agenda Report, Commondreams, Jacobin, The Nation, and The New Republic. He is the author of Not Alms But Opportunity: The Urban League and the Politics of Racial Uplift, 1910-1950 (UNC Press) and Toward Freedom: The Case Against Race Reductionism (Verso Books).

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  7. News – Talking Full Site Editing with Matías Ventura – WordPress.org

    In this episode, Josepha is joined by Matías Ventura, also known as “the spark behind the vision of Gutenberg.” Josepha and Matías discuss full site editing and answer your questions, from “is full site editing a standalone plugin?” to “will full site editing break my current site?”


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  8. LBB Presents Annalee Newitz with Rebecca Roanhorse: Four Lost Cities

    Left Bank Books welcomes author and New York Times contributor Annalee Newitz, who will discuss their new book, "Four Lost Cities: A Secret History of the Urban Age," on our Facebook Live Page at 7:00pm CT on February 4. Newitz will be in conversation with award-winning author Rebecca Roanhorse. Join us on our Facebook Live Page and order a copy of "Four Lost Cities" from Left Bank Books: https://www.left-bank.com/book/9780393652666 Copies of "Four Lost Cities" ordered from Left Bank Books will come with a signed postcard from Annalee.

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  9. Anthea Butler: WHITE EVANGELICAL RACISM with Jeff Sharlet

    Founded by Carla Cohen and Barbara Meade in 1984, Politics and Prose Bookstore is Washington, D.C.’s premier independent bookstore and cultural hub, a gathering place for people interested in reading and discussing books. Politics and Prose offers superior service, unusual book choices, and a haven for book lovers in the store and online. Produced by Tom Warren

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  10. Casual Friday w/ Alex Pareene & Carl Beijer - MR Live - 3/26/21

    Sam and Emma host Alex Pareene, staff writer at The New Republic and co-host of “The Politics of Everything” podcast, to discuss the passage of voter suppression legislation in Georgia, Joe Manchin’s role in the filibuster negotiations, and Kyrsten Sinema’s political strategy in Arizona. Alex assesses the Biden presidency thus far and critiques Biden’s failure to play a leading role in spreading vaccines to the Global South and requiring vaccine companies to share their patents. Then, through the lens of Biden’s first press briefing, Alex discusses the issues with journalism and mainstream media. Afterwards, Carl Beijer tunes in to go through a series of questions about socialism ideology and in practice. Sam challenges Carl’s ideas on private property vs personal property, government management of the economy, exploitation of labor, manifesting the will of the people in a consolidated government, and more. And in the Fun Half: Jimmy Dole says “journalist” Dave Rubin should be allowed enable as many white supremacists on his show as he wants, Dan Crenshaw is impressed with Biden’s vaccine roll-out, Congressional candidate Dan ‘Big Dan’ Rodimer needs a better director for his campaign ads, Tucker Carlson says liberals are forcing Republicans to vote for fascists, plus your calls and IMs!

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