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  1. DRM Secretly Polices You – DTNS 4327 – Daily Tech News Show

    What’s keeping author, journalist, and activist, Cory Doctorow, from publishing his books on Audible? Plus with both houses of Congress passing the CHIPs Act and an expected approval from President Biden will the US see a renaissance in domestic chip production? And can battery swapping in EVs be a realistic alternative to long recharging times?


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  2. 062: The Charmed Designer (Kylie Timpani)

    Kylie Timpani is a Product Designer in Silicon Valley working on the way people consume and experience TV. Previously, she was the Senior Designer at Humaan, an Australian digital agency with an aim to make technology and the experiences that come with it more human. Kylie loves to give back whether that’s by mentoring early-stage designers, organising conferences like Mixin, or sharing knowledge freely. When she’s not designing, she’s falling off a skateboard and watching Filipino soap operas as a way to learn Tagalog.


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  3. South to America with Imani Perry

    Host, Carol Jenkins is joined by Imani Perry, Author of "South to America: A Journey Below the Mason-Dixon to Understand the Soul of a Nation". They discuss their roots from Birmingham, Alabama and how it has shaped Imani Perry as a writer.

    Guests: Imani Perry - Author, South to America: A Journey Below the Mason-Dixon to Understand the Soul of a Nation

    Recording Date 02/24/2022 First Air Date 3/11/2022

    Black America is an in-depth conversation that explores what it means to be Black in America. The show profiles Black activists, academics, business leaders, sports figures, elected officials, artists and writers to gauge this experience in a time of both turbulence and breakthroughs.

    Black America is hosted by Carol Jenkins, Emmy award winning New York City journalist, and founding president of The Women’s Media Center

    Watch more at http://tv.cuny.edu/show/blackamerica

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  4. Episode 51: Personal brand with Brian Lovin —- Metamuse podcast

    Meeting potential collaborators online is easier when you represent yourself through a personal brand. Brian Lovin is a designer at GitHub, a podcaster at Design Details, and a prolific online maker. He joins Mark and Adam to talk about personal websites; the pros and cons of cold contact over the internet; whether follower counts matter; and how the Twitter algorithm can push back against your personal growth. Plus: the tension between thoughtfulness and daring.


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  5. Episode 37: Visual programming with Maggie Appleton —- Metamuse podcast

    Creating software is typically done in text-based environments—but would programming be more accessible with graphical programming tools? Maggie joins Mark and Adam to talk about the relative success of Scratch, Shortcuts, and Zapier; how to make the abstract visible; embodied metaphors; and the false duality of artistic versus logical thinkers. Plus: how to make blinking lights for your Burning Man art installation.



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