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  1. Episode 51: Personal brand with Brian Lovin —- Metamuse podcast

    Meeting potential collaborators online is easier when you represent yourself through a personal brand. Brian Lovin is a designer at GitHub, a podcaster at Design Details, and a prolific online maker. He joins Mark and Adam to talk about personal websites; the pros and cons of cold contact over the internet; whether follower counts matter; and how the Twitter algorithm can push back against your personal growth. Plus: the tension between thoughtfulness and daring.


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  2. Episode 37: Visual programming with Maggie Appleton —- Metamuse podcast

    Creating software is typically done in text-based environments—but would programming be more accessible with graphical programming tools? Maggie joins Mark and Adam to talk about the relative success of Scratch, Shortcuts, and Zapier; how to make the abstract visible; embodied metaphors; and the false duality of artistic versus logical thinkers. Plus: how to make blinking lights for your Burning Man art installation.



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  3. Rich text, with Slim Lim - Metamuse podcast

    Rich text editing is a foundational interaction in productivity software. Slim joins Mark and Adam to explain how rich text is more than just bold and italics for prose, but also includes math equations, diagrams, slideshows, and sheet music. Their discussion includes WYSIWYG versus markup languages for end users; how block-based editors change our understanding of rich text; and why Pandoc is Slim’s favorite piece of software. Plus: how to choose the best wagon in Oregon Trail.


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  4. Mary Ruefle : An Incarnation of the Now - Tin House

    Beloved and critically-acclaimed poet, essayist, and erasure artist, Mary Ruefle talks about her life as an artist, her approach to poetry, the questions she comes back to, and the artists that influence her. Ruefle is the author of ten books of poetry, the collected lectures Madness, Rack & Honey, a book of prose, a comic book, and the erasure A Little White Shadow.


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  5. A Left Reckoning in Texas? (ft. David Griscom)

    Djene Bajalan talks to self-proclaimed honkytonk socialist, David Griscom, of the Left Reckoning Podcast about the politics in Texas. How has the culture war played into the Republican Party’s consolidation of power? Why have Democrats and liberals been unable to effectively oppose GOP rule? And is the socialist left doomed to be liquidated into the Democratic Party?

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  6. Weekly Typographic: Chris Skillern, from Tulsey Type

    One of the things we really love about doing this podcast is the opportunity to chat to type designers, and especially newer designers who are doing their own thing with type design. This week we’re delighted to chat with Chris Skillern, from Tulsey Type.

    You might recognise Chris’ name from the TypeWknd21 round up episodes last year, as we really enjoyed his talk about the Cherokee syllabary. We catch up with Chris to find out about his experience completing the online Type West course, his tips for creativity and type design, and what he’s working on now. https://www.theleagueofmoveabletype.com/podcast/an-interview-with-chris-skillern-of-tulsey-type

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  7. Core IntuitionEpisode 511: A Quick Fix For Attention - Core Intuition

    In the midst of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, Daniel and Manton talk about Manton’s long history with Twitter, starting with enthusiasm, continuing to active development for the platform, and ending with digust. They psychoanalyze Elon Musk and his propensity for seeking adultation on Twitter, and compare him to Jack Dorsey. In the second half of the show they follow up on Helpscout and talk about the service’s statistics reporting on customer service performance. Finally, Manton shares an example of a less than stellar customer support experience he had with another company, and they discuss when and how often automated responses should be used.


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  8. Micro Monday - 100: A Conversation About Micro.blog, with special guest Patrick Rhone

    A special episode to mark a milestone for the Micro Monday podcast. Manton and Jean talk with Patrick Rhone, who previously appeared on Episode 4. We take a look at how Micro.blog has evolved and where it’s going, focusing on these questions:

    How important are independent blogs, considering what we have seen elsewhere in social media?

    How has Micro.blog and the community evolved?

    How could Micro.blog be improved?

    Our pets share opinions too.



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