EP67 - Armando Iannucci - I’m not a political satirist! - Simon Caine


Total run time: 1 hour 36 mins 44 secs.

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About Armando Iannucci…

Armando Iannucci (@aiannucci) is a Scottish satirist, writer, television director and radio producer. He’s best known for The Armando Iannucci Shows, The Day Today, Knowing Me, Knowing You, Veep and I’m Alan Partridge.  

I got him on to talk about how he got started in radio, what it was like moving radio shows to TV and other visual mediums with no experience in them, how he picks the people he collaborates with, the draw backs of having a fanbase at his level and most interestingly, why he doesn’t like being labeled as a satirist.

You Don’t forget! Once you’ve listened to the podcast remember to tweet him your suggestions for his new book title using the hashtag “#MITLE“.

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