The Temptation of Practical Goodness | Woodland Hills Church

When people think about temptation , they often think about thoughts or behaviors that seem obviously evil or negative. Because of this idea, it is sometimes assumed that temptation is something that can be easily avoided. What people forget is that something does not have to be evil in order to be a temptation. Sometimes, there maybe many good things around from whence to choose. And that can make it quite hard to choose what s best for the situation at hand. Jesus faced this kind of temptation from Satan when he was in the desert wilderness in the Luke 4 passage. Satan offered opportunities to Jesus where Jesus could have possibly done great practical things for the world. He could have demonstrated himself as the Messiah, giving himself religious power. He could have taken control over all the governments of the world and have the perfect human government. He could have used his power to heal and deliver people without going to the Cross. Jesus saw good opportunities as the temptations because Jesus was focused on being faithful to God and lead by God s Spirit.When we live in Adam , we are basically deciding that we can decide for ourselves what the best options are in a situation. Life in Christ doesn t remove the fact that we have to make our own choices in life. Rather, living in Christ makes it clear that we must seek God s ways and wisdom on the choices we make. This is important, because there are times where God will have us to so things that may not seem practical! If we are not careful, we can fall into the temptation of doing the practical thing for practicality s sake and not listening to what God has to say about the situation. The way the Jesus got around Satan s temptations was to keep his focus on God. He continually asked himself What would God have me to do? What are the options that align with God s Kingdom? As we live this way, not only do we place ourselves in the New Adam but we also find a new wisdom that comes from God. Hide Extended Summary