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  1. Humanist Network News #43: AAI ‘09 Darwin Legacy Convention + The Atheist Camel

    In this month’s audio podcast, Jende attends the Atheist Alliance International Convention in Burbank, CA, and hears from an assorted number of conference attendees who make up our movement. Listen in as he talks with an Objectivist-influenced rock band, a leader from a Ethical Culture Society, the founder of a freethought film festival, an Arab atheist, and a Pilates instructor—all who came together in California to take part in AAI’s annual conference. Also, Jes interviews one of the founders of Eternal Earth-Bound Pets, a post-rapture pet rescue program run by atheists.

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  2. Personalized Genomics

    Personalized genetic screening tests are now commercially available. Are they a tool for a disease-free future or a white elephant? Medical geneticists Cynthia Kenyon, Muin Khoury, and Nobel Laureate Harold Varmus discuss the science and the issues, in a forum moderated by former NBC correspondent Charles Sabine. Recorded at the Chan Centre at the University of British Columbia in March 2009.

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  3. Taming Your Inbox from KQED’s Forum

    In "The Tyranny of E-mail," author John Freeman looks at the 4,000 year sweep of the written word from early cuneiform carvings to the e-mail in your humble inbox. He argues that e-mail inhibits our ability to conduct our lives mindfully. As part of our coverage of the 40th anniversary of the Internet, we deconstruct our inboxes.

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  4. KunstlerCast #86: The High Line

    James Howard Kunstler discusses two major projects that have recently turned 19th century railroad structures into parks: the High Line in lower Manhattan and the Walkway Over the Hudson in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. The High Line is a unique park in New York City, built upon a former elevated rail line that used to bring trains through buildings. Although the High Line gives reprieve to New Yorkers, Kunstler finds it to be an accidental freak of urban nature. We would benefit more from the deliberate creation of beautifully designed streets and boulevards at grade level. The Walkway Over the Hudson is an extremely long railroad bridge that now serves as a pedestrian park. On the plus side, Kunstler believes this type of project might protect the bridge so that it doesn’t completely fall apart. But he finds it tragic that America has discarded the major investments it once made in a rail system. A listener caller who is an urban planner in Vancouver shares his thoughts on adaptive reuse of buildings.This week’s sponsor is Revolution Hall in Troy N.Y., inviting listeners to see Deer Tick, the band that sings the KunstlerCast theme song, this Nov. 4.

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  5. Adam Carolla Podcast

    Today’s podcast is a slam dunk with Adam and documentary filmmaker Kris Belman… so Get It On!

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  6. October 29th: The Antikythera Mechanism from CBC Radio: Editor’s Choice

    The Antikythera Mechanism was discovered a hundred years ago in the wreckage of a 2000-year-old ship. For much of the last century, researchers, like Dr. Daryn Lehoux in the Classics Department at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, have been trying to figure out what this complex mechanical device can do. Dr. Lehoux spoke with host Bob MacDonald on Quirks and Quarks.

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  7. 5LNPI: What is Britain’s most dangerous drug? 29 Oct 09

    What is Britain’s most dangerous drug? The Government’s most senior drugs advisor, Professor David Nutt says ecstasy, LSD and cannabis are less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes. Do you agree? Which drug has caused you the most harm?

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  8. IOT: Schopenhauer 29 Oct 09 from In Our Time With Melvyn Bragg

    Melvyn Bragg is joined by A.C. Grayling, Beatrice Han-Pile and Christopher Janaway to discuss the dark, pessimistic philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer, which set the tone for much twentieth century thought

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  9. Our Water Commons: Toward a Rights Based Solution to the Global Water Crisis

    Maude Barlow, senior adviser on water to the United Nations and author of Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis and the Fight for the Right to Water

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  10. Naomi Klein

    Progressive social critic Naomi Klein, author of "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism," is in town to deliver the Mario Savio Memorial Lecture at UC Berkeley. She’ll focus on California, where, she says, the budget is being balanced on the backs of the poor and the constitution allows a Republican minority to block taxes and social spending. She sees the Golden State as an example of government siding with profit takers at the expense of the public good.

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