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  1. Interview: Jesse Thorn from The Amateur Scientist Podcast

    Public radio’s Jesse Thorn talks about his new web series "Put This On", a show for men who want to dress like grown ups. In the course of this freewheeling, semi-erotic conversation, Jesse busts myths about men’s style, including myths about when it’s appropriate to wear spats over your Air Jordans, when to slap on a tie (both bow and unbow), why you have time to dress well if you have time to make yourself not smell like poop, and just how amazing the graphics are on your 3DO.

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  2. Interview: Adam Frank from The Amateur Scientist Podcast

    My guest this week is University of Rochester astrophysicist Adam Frank. We talk about the award-winning scientist and writer’s new book, The Constant Fire: Beyond the Science vs. Religion Debate, which seeks to highlight the common feelings of awe between so-called religious experiences and observations of the natural world through science. We also talk about Star Formation: The Game, a browser-based game Frank helped create for Discover magazine’s website (for which he also writes), that puts you in charge of creating stars from celestial gasses. Plus, we lampoon the borderline-autistic basement shut-ins who’ve mastered the game to absurd degrees.

    NOTE: A text version of the second portion of this interview can be found on our sister site,, later this week.

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  3. 4-8-09 - Episode 64 from The Amateur Scientist Podcast

    This week, we bring you a long lost episode of The Amateur Scientist Podcast from way back in the early months of this year. No, not this month. Earlier. Relive those glorious days when octomoms remained anonymous, government science workers watched too much porn on the job, and inhuman opportunists tried to make a buck off of unspeakable tragedy. Sure, all but one of those things is still true today, but in the interest of not contributing to your depression, I won’t say which one.

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