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  1. Skepticality #114 - Monster Talk! - Guests: Blake Smith, Ben Radford & Dr. Karen Stollznow

    Cryptozoological creatures like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and the Chupacabra have fascinated and inspired monster hunters for generations, providing endless reports of sightings, unverified film footage and blurry photographs to feed the public imagination. Thankfully, this kind of speculation and storytelling has also given rise to a new generation of skeptical investigators who use the tools of science to dig into monster claims. This week on Skepticality, Derek & Swoopy talk with Benjamin Radford, Dr. Karen Stollznow, and Blake Smith รข the team from the podcast MonsterTalk.

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  2. Guests: Ron Reagan and Lodi activist Karen Buchanan

    Topics: "Unabashed atheist" Ron Reagan, host of Air America’s Ron Reagan Show, is back for a new interview as a preview to his appearance at FFRF’s 32nd annual FFRF convention in Seattle in November. Also featured: an interview with Foundation member Karen Buchanan, the original complainant in FFRF’s request to the city council of Lodi, Calif., to drop prayers. That request has set off months of controversy and Karen talks about her dismay at the Council’s 5-0 vote in October to continue "uncensored prayer."

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  3. Skepticality #100 - Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue..

    This week Skepticality celebrates it’s long awaited 100th episode with a look back at past shows, thoughts about future installments and well wishes from their friends the skeptic community including Dr. Phil Plait (the Bad Astronomer), George Hrab (The Geologic Podcast) and Brian Dunning (The Skeptologists).

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  4. Reasonable Doubts : PZ Myers

    From India to Iowa courageous men and women are speaking out and fighting back against religious intimidation and repression. For this episode, the Doubtcasters share some of these inspiring stories. PZ Myers, author of the science blog Pharyngula, joins us in the studio to discuss what needs to happen next in the struggle against dogma. Reasonable Doubts: Your skeptical guide to religion offering news and commentary of interest to skeptics, atheists, humanists, apologists looking for a challenge and freethinkers of all persuasions.

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  5. Guest: Paul Ehrlich from Freethought Radio

    Stanford Prof. Paul Ehrlich, best-known for his Population Bomb bestseller, will talk about current overpopulation concerns and his latest book, The Dominant Animal: Human Evolution and the Environment. The hosts will also discuss FFRF’s federal challenge of the National Day of Prayer, and commemorate the birthdate of irreverent lyricist E.Y. "Yip" Harburg.

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