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  1. FriComedy: The News Quiz 13.02.2009

    Bankers, Big Horses and Charity Shops on the skids. Sandi Toksvig and guests dissect the week’s headlines. With Andy Hamilton, Dave Gorman, Jeremy Hardy and Francis Wheen.

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  2. Freedom to Go to Hell

    Pat Condell’s Godless Comedy

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  3. norelpref compendium #71, Rise of the Spermons

    This show features repurposed, remixed, mutilated, skewered, spindled, double-entendre ridden sermons which become "spermons," and should be self-explanatory.

    95 minutes.

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  4. The Caustic Continuum #10: The IT Interview

    Ron Ferple (Gordon Fynes) applies for an IT position at OSFI (One Step from Indigent) Outsourcing Services. Ted Sterno (norelpref) conducts the interrogation.

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  5. The Caustic Continuum #9: The Torrent Watcher

    Wherein the narrator uses watching BitTorrents as a spectator sport.

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  6. FriComedy: News Quiz 30-01-2009

    Sandi Toksvig presents a satirical look at the week’s news - from cash for questions in the House of Lords, to why cows called Daisy give more milk. With guest panellists Phill Jupitus, David Mitchell and Jeremy Hardy.

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  7. norelpref compendium #68

    a concatenation of sound collage, audio slack, music and other sonic experimentation. Most shows are an hour or so in length.

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