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  1. “Remarkable Creatures.” Sean B. Carroll on Atheists Talk # 063 March 29, 2009

    Have you heard of the new science of Evo Devo? If so, then you’ve probably read Endless Forms Most Beautiful by Dr. Sean B. Carroll. It is a captivating book describing the genetic tool kit that humans and animals share. His engaging narrative style and clear explanation for how developmental…

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  2. The Changing of the Guard. Atheists Talk Radio #057 February 15, 2009

    Minnesota Atheists has reached an important milestone. The new elections today will mark the changeover from the founding members who will be leaving the board but remaining active, and turning over in democratic fashion the leadership to new and enthusiastic talent.

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  3. Atheists Talk #56 : Celebrating Darwin and Evolution

    Produced by the Minnesota Atheists. Directed by Mike Haubrich . Host Stephanie Zvan . Guest Interviewer Lynn Fellman .

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