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  1. #611: Bible’s greatest hits (Genesis II)

    from The Atheist Experience by (Atheist Experience TV) Matt Dillahunty and Don Baker. Bible’s greatest hits (Genesis II). Don finishes his topic on the ways in which Geneisis has had biggest impact on the world.

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  2. #610: Live Calls from The Atheist Experience

    Matt Dillahunty and Jeff Dee. Live Calls. Matt & Jeff take calls, many from outside the US.

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  3. #607: Live Calls, The Atheist Experience

    Matt Dillahunty and Tracie Harris. Live Calls. Tracie takes on live calls

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  4. Chariots of Iron : Episode 29: Socratic Counter-evangelism

    Brother Richard sits in as our guest co-host this week as we discuss the virtues of not knowing a god-damn thing. (Richard is brought in as an expert (ooohh, BURN.)) But first: le news. The US Military has finally done something right, the Catholic Church is once again stealing headlines for wholesale kiddy diddling, another concerned parent […]

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  5. #602: Ex-Atheist

    Matt Dillahunty and Tracie Harris. Ex-Atheist. Matt and Tracie talk about a minister who claims to have been a former atheist.

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  6. The Non-Prophets 8.8

    More mail and news…

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  7. Guests: Matthew Rothschild: 100th Anniversary of The Progressive & Andrew Cederhahl, “Pastafarian” & South Carolina Student A

    Topics include: Why Is Pat Boone Unhappy with FFRF?

    The hosts talk about FFRF’s Good Friday state/church complaints, why Pat Boone doesn’t like FFRF, and interview Matthew Rothschild, an atheist and editor of The Progressive Magazine, celebrating its 100th anniversary in May. Also a guest is student activist Andrew Cederdahl, the president of the Pastafarians at the University of South Carolina, in Columbia, S.C. Andrew was recently interviewed for an upcoming article in The New York Times. The show also includes an April Freethought Almanac, about famous freethinkers born this month.

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  8. #601: Jesus Loves a Captive Audience

    Matt Dillahunty and Don Baker. Jesus Loves a Captive Audience. Don gives a simple explanation for why Christianity is most often spread to people who can’t easily escape.

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  9. The Non-Prophets 8.7

    12 Steps, Lectures and debates, e-mail, spoon-to-fork guy

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  10. Episode 26: Seventh Day Madventists from Chariots of Iron by Lamar

    The news this week is rich in nuttiness. Accused child killer weeps for head-wear, 26 people get some totally righteous piercings, “sorry honey, I have a head-ache” is still the only excuse that is universally acceptable, President Obama baits the trolls and a mid-western pastor draws some thought provoking parallels between the Prince of Peace […]

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