The Future of Content Delivery

This podcast presents the thoughts of Scott Sigler–media maven, NY Times Bestselling Author of INFECTED and CONTAGIOUS (both available free as podcasts), podiobook dynamo, and social networking mastermind–on none other than ”how will people read books in the near future?”

In this repodcast of his keynote speech at this year’s Balticon conference, Scott talks about how he built a HUGE online fan base for his fiction, landed a major publishing deal with Crown Books, reached NY Times bestseller status, and why he insists that giving his fiction away for free is the best marketing around.

He presents his thoughts on Big Publishing, small publishing, smart-phones vs. the Kindle, and perhaps most importantly, lays out the methods by which he pre-sold 1,500 copies of his new, self-published novel THE ROOKIE this April via his own website, That’s right: Forget print-on-demand and its higher cost-per-book. Scott breaks down how he pre-sold enough books to pay for an entire print run before THE ROOKIE ever went to press! It’s a model so far ahead of everyone else that we’ve got to take notes!