Interview: Adam Frank from The Amateur Scientist Podcast

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  1. 4-8-09 - Episode 64 from The Amateur Scientist Podcast

    This week, we bring you a long lost episode of The Amateur Scientist Podcast from way back in the early months of this year. No, not this month. Earlier. Relive those glorious days when octomoms remained anonymous, government science workers watched too much porn on the job, and inhuman opportunists tried to make a buck off of unspeakable tragedy. Sure, all but one of those things is still true today, but in the interest of not contributing to your depression, I won’t say which one.

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  2. 3-31-09 - Episode 63 from The Amateur Scientist Podcast

    Back and well rested from our time off, we’re here with breaking news about ShamWOW! Vince’s hooker problems, Bob’s computer problems, Boston high schools’ vampire problems, Indonesian apple pickers’ Komodo dragon problems, and crabs’ problems with feeling pain while being boiled alive. Hey, and we even have some solutions. Some.

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  3. 2-14-09 - Episode 58 from The Amateur Scientist Podcast

    Missionaries in South America need your two dollars, God tries to trick us into thinking the oldest human hair was found in a fossilized pile of hyena poo, Michael Phelps tarnishes the reputation of a company named after a fan of female genital mutilation, Charles Darwin and Walt Whitman were the same man, and the Japanese are very interested in your blood. It’s a supersized Valentine’s Day edition of America’s semi-favorite podcast.

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  4. Interview: Jesse Thorn from The Amateur Scientist Podcast

    Public radio’s Jesse Thorn talks about his new web series "Put This On", a show for men who want to dress like grown ups. In the course of this freewheeling, semi-erotic conversation, Jesse busts myths about men’s style, including myths about when it’s appropriate to wear spats over your Air Jordans, when to slap on a tie (both bow and unbow), why you have time to dress well if you have time to make yourself not smell like poop, and just how amazing the graphics are on your 3DO.

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  5. The Amateur Scientist - 2-28-09 - Episode 60

    President Obama may have been the victim of the most hilarious assassination attempt of all time. James Dobson is stepping down from everything other than being a douchebag. One of our most annoying celebrities may live forever thanks to cryonics. Bishop Richard Williamson says sorry for upsetting people with his idiocy. Pastor Fred Phelps can’t go to England. And the state of Main tries to steal a copy of the Declaration of Independence that was rightfully stolen by our former British overlords. Join us as we discuss these topics and more on this week’s historic show.

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