Le Show - January 3, 2010

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  1. Harry Shearer interview

    Audio of the excellent Harry Shearer interview with Treme co-creator Eric Overmyer, actor Wendell Pierce, and writers Lolis Eric Elie and Tom Piazza at the Allison Miner stage at the New Orleans Jazzfest April 24th.


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  2. HS

    Nerdist Podcast: Harry Shearer

    The hilarious Harry Shearer comes on the show to talk about his amazing career and where ideas like Spinal Tap came from, and we play a song from his new album Can’t Take a Hint!

    Buy Harry’s album “Can’t Take a Hint”!

    ATTN! If you got a version of this episode where Harry repeats a story at the end, it’s because we talked to him for so long that the CD recorder at the E! studio filled to capacity and I had to load another disc to catch the whole convo. Yes, that damn studio still uses CD recorders. It’s frustratingly archaic (nerd translation: 7 years old). I guess when Katie edited it together she accidentally cut to the wrong place. Anyway, that happened!

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  3. Podcast: Politics with Harry | Scripting.com

    Another podcast, this the result of a Twitter discussion of presidential politics with Harry Shearer, famous actor and voice of many great characters on The Simpsons.Shearer doesn’t want either Trump or Clinton. That’s fine, but he’s probably going to get one or the other whether or not he wants them.And until the election, assuming Hillary wins, I’m withholding criticism as much as I possibly can, because the alternative, Trump, is national suicide, imho. And not good things for the rest of the world. There won’t be any place to emigrate to if the presidency is infected with Trump disease. Again imho. Undermining Clinton is like juggling nitro in a TNT warehouse.BTW, as I recorded this the odds of Trump being elected, according to FiveThirtyEight, is 34.4 percent.


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