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  1. Solid Steel Radio Show 9/24/2010

    Solid Steel resident Ruckus Roboticus takes care of the second hour with his mix "I Love You But I’ve Chosen Disco". It’s quality releases that are disco & funk inspired from James Pants, Chaz Jankel, Al Kent and Dam Funk, plus another fine remix of the excellent Sun by Caribou.

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  2. Obsessively Choral: Tudor and Jacobian Music

    Choral music is my first love. Even though my voice broke in 1994, I still return to the emotional landscapes of Byrd, Tallis, Gibbons, Howells and Britten as a sort of home base for all of the music I write. In this four-part series on Q2, we explore a few centuries of (mainly) English choral music, ignoring, as the genre itself suggests, the better part of the 18th and 19th centuries. This is by no means comprehensive, but is, rather, my own strange itinerary through the pieces I adore.

    In this first show, we explore William Byrd, John Taverner and Thomas Tallis. The popular tune The Western Wind appears in various parody masses in the 16th century; this Taverner is a prime example of composers burying secular threads in sacred textures. We end with Gibbons’s two spectacularly theatrical verse anthems See, See the Word is Incarnate and This is the Record of John, as well as his Hosanna to the Son of David.

    The call-and-response business in the verse anthems has delighted me for 20 years, and the imitative and playful Hosanna is a shining jewel in the canon. — Nico Muhly

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  3. Jam Session: What Improvisation Can Teach Us About Design

    Have you ever had a spontaneous creative triumph, perfectly in sync with your team?

    A passionate believer in improvisation as a design skill, Hannah’s session will talk about the importance of this technique in her own design process and what lessons can be borrowed from improvised music.

    From the jazz masters to the humble basement band practice, musical concepts such as timing, structure, rolls and expression have many lessons for designers creating an off-the-cuff interface.

    Hannah will explore how the methods of music translate for a design/development team, as well as sharing personal stories and techniques for those times when you need a bit of a jam session.

    Originally from Canada’s icy north, Hannah Donovan is creative director at, where she’s worked for the last four years. Before moving to London, she designed websites for Canada’s largest youth-focused agency, working on brands such as Hershey, Heineken and Bic. Hannah also plays the cello with an orchestra and draws monsters.

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