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  1. Stranger Danger

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  2. The Trevor Bauer Trade

    Andre and Zac talk social media, happenings at Browns camp and why the Indians felt they had to trade Trevor Bauer.

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  3. Episode 183: Amazon’s news bonanza explained – IoT Podcast – Internet of Things

    Last week Amazon released a ridiculous amount of news that we’ve covered in detail, but Kevin and I talk it out and draw attention to some of the things we thought were relevant. We stay in the Seattle area to cover the Microsoft news out this week on new Azure products and Cortana’s new enterprise skills. We also talk about the new Withings watch, August’s module for Yale locks, and HomeKit support for Rachio sprinklers. Our hotline question this week is a listener’s challenge with kids and his freezer.

    Amazon launched a $60 Microwave with Alexa inside as well as a $25 smart plug.This week’s guest is Raiford Smith, who joins us from Entergy to discuss his company’s digital transformation. He walks listeners through the process of creating a group to handle the technical demands of building products around data and analytics, and then talks about how to communicate with vendors and business units. It’s a detailed look at this utility’s two-year process to get a grip on the potential inherent in the internet of things. Enjoy.

    Hosts: Stacey Higginbotham and Kevin TofelGuest: Raiford Smith, who joins us from EntergySponsors: SAS and Auklet

    Alexa listens for broken glass and whispers

    Microsoft embraces digital twins

    So many ways to track a freezer’s status

    Workshopping your way to an IoT future

    How Entergy has seen a 12x ROI with IoT Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

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  4. Ars on your lunch break, week 4: Fermi’s Paradox and the empty universe | Ars Technica

    Astronomer Stephen Webb talks about why the vast heavens aren’t teeming with life.


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  5. FLOSS Weekly 44 GNUstep

    GNUstep, the cross-platform, object-oriented set of Cocoa-based frameworks for desktop application development.

    Guests: Gregory Casamento and Riccardo Mottola for GNUstep


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  6. 2017/08/08: James Damore and his Google Memo on Diversity (complete)

    In this video, I talk to James Damore and another employee who wishes to remain anonymous about James’ memo regarding Google’s diversity programs and their overweening ideological basis. He was fired last night. That says everything that needs to be said.

    This means that the company that is arguably in charge of more of the world’s communication than any other has now fired a promising engineer for stating a series of established scientific truths. That’s worth thinking about.

    A fund-raiser for James has been established, here:

    Hate facts: references (full papers linked where possible):

    Sex differences in personality: Larger/large and stable sex differences in more gender-neutral countries: (Note: these findings runs precisely and exactly contrary to social constructionist theory: thus, it’s been tested, and it’s wrong). (Women’s) interest in things vs (men’s) interest in things: The importance of exposure to sex-linked steroids on fetal and then lifetime development: Exposure to prenatal testosterone and interest in things (even when the ex…

    Original video:
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  7. Akron-Canton Airport Is Moving Out of the Shadow of the Hub | WKSU

    Akron-Canton Airport has seen increasing air traffic since the mid-1990s. But in the past two years, it’s faced new challenges with one airline cutting

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  8. There are Both Positive and Negative Outcomes from Cleveland Hopkins Airport De-hubbing | WKSU

    Concourse “D” at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has sat empty since May of 2014 when United Airlines shut-down its hub. Since then, predictions

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  9. Are Payday Loans Really as Evil as People Say?

    Critics — including President Obama — say short-term, high-interest loans are predatory, trapping borrowers in a cycle of debt. But some economists see them as a useful financial instrument for people who need them. As the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau promotes new regulation, we ask: who’s right?

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  10. Reconcilable Differences #25: Zarro Droogs - Relay FM

    The main topic this week is—wait for it— drugs. In particular, the listener is treated to an epic tour of the "four toadstools" that mark Merlin’s journey with the forbidden pharmaceutical wild side.

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