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  1. Audiophile Junkie Website is Live - Plus I Discuss Amir vs Paul Drama in the Hobby - Audiophile BS?

    Packed a few updates and topics into this video. First, I highlight the new website I developed to provide one location for various requests I’ve received asking "where did you get XYZ [in the video]". It’s mostly links designed for budget-minded audiophiles and DIYers that want to do some of the same things I’ve featured in my videos.

    I also share my favorite brands and dealers as well as mention some Russian Sovtek tubes I have extra and available for subscribers first…before listing on ebay or audiogon.

    The second half of the video showcases some recent drama and controversial videos I watched in the hobby. First, I focus on the controversy between Amir at Audio Science Review and Paul and PS Audio related to a review of one of their power plants.

    Next, I focus on a familiar click bait topic used in audiophile videos such as "Do Cables Matter". I address some of the disappointment I have watching these videos and share some tips and questions to consider to help you judge the credibility of various sources of information.

    If there are any links in the description or video, it may be an affiliate link for which I may earn a commission.

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  2. Jim Donovan says Browns realize the problem is at QB, have to get better play at the position; organization had to get big play WR - Bull & Fox -

    Jim Donovan talks about the Browns’ offseason moves so far, the release of both J.C. Tretter and Jarvis Landry, the organization’s approach to a possible trade for Deshaun Watson, Baker Mayfield’s likely reaction to this situation and the continuity with Andrew Berry and Kevin Stefanski heading into a third year.

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  3. 226 - The World’s Greatest Con - Brian Brushwood - You Are Not So Smart -

    In this episode, we sit down with famed stage magician, infamous instructor of the school of scams, Brian Brushwood, whose new podcast explores the world’s greatest con artists and con jobs from World War II to modern game shows. 

    We cover everything in this episode from why you can’t con an honest person to the power of shame and fame to folk psychology to how the British conned Hitler using one of the oldest tricks in the book to how one man broke the code for Press Your Luck earning him the most money ever awarded in a single day on any program in the history of game shows.


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  4. Acceptable Nipples | Two Headed Girl

    In this solo episode, Mattie discusses his complicated feelings towards transmasc shirtless selfies. He shares about his own experiences with top surgery and being shirtless––along with the negative effects that sharing post-op selfies on social media can perpetuate.

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