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  1. Mat Men - Bryan Alvarez on How To Fix the WWE - GFQ Network

    Andrew Zarian is joined by Bryan Alvarez of the F4W/ Wrestling Observer site. Bryan and Andrew discuss the current WWE product and what they need to do to change the product. Bryan also broke the news that He will be recording an Audiobook version of The Death of WCW and it will be available on Audible.com


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  2. TRR - Ep93 - Survivor Series PPV Review with Dave Meltzer - The Ross Report

    Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer joins JR to break down the Survivor Series PPV. They also remember Nick Bockwinkel, discuss Ronda Rousey's shocking loss and potential future comeback, fantasy book guest appearances for Wrestlemania 32, and analyze TNA's move to Pop TV, Smackdown's move to the USA Network, and the upcoming Ring of Honor/New Japan PPV in Las Vegas.


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