Why The Youth Want Tradition

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Modern, secular, and progressive advocates have spent generations trying to hammer home the idea that the past is inferior to the present as well as what we can expect from the future and since tradition is backwards oriented, surely, it too is inferior.

And it’s something like that logic that seems to have dominated the Church for generations now especially in how we attempt to relate the faith to the youth. We take a superficial look at what interests kids and then we say, let’s include more of that in Church culture and this will help make the faith relevant for the kids.

And after doing this for 60 some odd years, the only trend we’ve seen is population decline which only seems to be compounded with each successive generation.

But, there seems to be a renewal going on in Traditional parishes. I attend a parish where only the extraordinary form of the mass, also known as the Traditional Latin Mass, is offered and when people find out about that, their immediate reaction is almost alw…

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