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  1. FS #368: Take Shelter

    Your head will collapse / But there’s nothing in it / And you’ll ask yourself… What did Adam and guest host Dana Stevens make of "Take Shelter, " the new film by writer/director Jeff Nichols..

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  2. Mike and Lauren - Medical Tourism, RVs, and Why You Should Question Everything

    Mike and Lauren join me on the Financial Independence Podcast to discuss medical tourism, full-time RV living, and the importance of questioning everything!

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  3. FI Podcast - Side Hustle Nation - Invest in Yourself

    Nick Loper from Side Hustle Nation discusses the importance of side hustles and how they can make your path to FI shorter and more enjoyable!

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  4. Travel Miles 101 - Travel Hacking and Financial Independence

    The guys from Travel Miles 101 stop by the Financial Independence Podcast to talk about investing, early retirement, and the benefits of travel hacking!

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  5. The History of Hadoop - Software Engineering Daily Play in new window | DownloadThis episode is different from the traditional interview format of Software Engineering Daily, and focuses on the history of Hadoop. Thanks to Marco Bonaci for allowing us to republish this in audio format.

    You can find the original post here: History of Hadoop

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  6. No Meat Athlete - Ray Cronise (Cold Therapy & Weight-Loss Expert Ray Cronise: The Optimal Diet, and Is Exercise Unnecessary?)

    My experience is completely the opposite in one way from Ray.

    My experience is that I could not out diet a completely sedentary lifestyle, in other word eat fewer calories than I was burning, if I wasn’t burning that many.

    For years, I was overweight and I tried to diet off the weight.

    Eating very little is not very sustainable.

    I also found that eating very little slowed my metabolism down considerably so that I would stop losing weight.

    I had found when I was younger that I could lose weight whenever I was on the swim team no matter how much I ate very diametrically the opposite of what Ray claims.

    But I was also swimming about 3 hours a day at that time.

    I started running and thought that I could burn just as many calories as swimming doing only about 30 minutes a day.

    Soon, I found out that I could not lose weight eating anything I wanted by running.

    So, as the years went by, I tried dieting and dieting and dieting my weight off, thinking that weight loss was all about dieting.

    I really could only lose so much weight by doing this and any weight lost was easily regained.

    I found in my forties that I practically could not eat anything to lose weight and eating very little slowed down my metabolism.

    My doctor suggested really exercising a lot more- about an hour everyday.

    I started bicycling to work everyday and the weight really came off very easily.

    I never thought that I could eat anything I wanted by exercising- I actually thought I had to eat nothing and exercise all the time to lose weight.

    So maybe, it wouldn’t have helped if I thought I could eat “anything, in any quantity.”

    I also started counting calories and found that I lost weight rather quickly consuming 2000 calories a day.

    I was in a HIV vaccine study at that time and was weighed on a regular basis and the nurse suggested that I increase my calories

    intake to 2500 as she noted a rapid weight loss.

    She tended to believe weight should be lost slowly to be lasting.

    I know of even men who don’t exercise who have to eat only about 1000-1500 calories a day to lose weight.

    I found I could lose weight eating up to 3000 calories a day.

    I started eating up to 3000 calories a day and got down the lowest weight that I have been since early college (155 at 6 foot) and I now consume about 3300 calories and maintain this weight.

    My highest weight ever was 255. I have maintained every single pound of this weight loss for 3.5 years, largely by continuing to exercise as well as counting calories.

    Since losing the weight, I have transitioned to a plant based diet, esp. by Joel Fuhrman and Michael Greger mainly to solidify my health and weight loss.

    I think the fallacy of your thinking is to say exercise doesn’t help because a person can’t lose weight by exercise if they continue to consume 9000 calories a day.

    However, very few people who exercise on a regular basis would have to consume only 1000 calories a day in order to lose weight, as many persons who take the just diet approach would have to do.

    Being able to consume more calories and still lose weight enables a person to get better nutrition in their diets- although a person has to make sure their calories contain nutrition.

    Many low calorie diets necessitated by taking a no exercise approach to weight loss are nutrient deficient- it is hard to get enough protein on a plant based diet on 1000 calories a day.

    Also, many persons who take the plant based diet, no exercise approach to weight loss don’t increase their HDL cholesterol.

    My HDL was below 20 when I was obese, but now through exercise, it is 77.

    People can eat more calories and still lose weight if they exercise a lot; just because it is not infinitely more does not prove that exercise is of no value for weight loss.

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  7. Radiolab - The Bad Show - Radiolab

    We wrestle with the dark side of human nature, and ask whether it’s something we can ever really understand, or …

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  8. Radiolab - How do you solve a problem like Fritz Haber? - Radiolab

    How do you square the idea of a bad person who does great good? Or a good person who does …

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  9. RRP 91 - First Cowspiracy Movie

    Plantpowered ultra-athlete Rich Roll talks with filmmakers Keegan Kuhn & Kip Anderson about their new documentary "Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret"

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  10. RRP 129 • VANI HARI

    Ultra-athlete & #1 bestselling author Rich Roll talks with the Food Babe, Vani Hari about consumer activism, government oversight and corporate resposnsibility

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