RNR 121: React Native Open Source & the React Native Community feat. Christoph Nakazawa | Devchat.tv

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  1. 29 RNPM & React Native General Discussion with Mike Grabowski of Callstack.io

    React Native Radio | Episode 29


    Nader Dabit 

    Peter Piekarczyk

    Special Guest: Mike Grabowski of Callstack.io


    Discussions and Questions:



    Can you give us a quick run down of how you got into programming and what your are doing with you career at this current moment?


    Can you tell us about Callstack, and what you guys do there?


    Discussion about consulting as an programmer.


    What have you learn in the transition of your company to consulting?


    Do you build an app for a customer, are they coming to your specifically for React Native, or is that the picture your bring into to it. How happy are your customers with the build of the apps with React Native that are shipped by you?


    What did you guys use for the media player? Is that something that is in-house or open source that your guys used?


    Are there any tools or libraries that are missing or you wish you had in React Native?


    What does your team consist of? Are there more JavaScript developers or Native Developers?


    Can you go through the more popular open project you have out there? 


    So how did you get into contributing to React Native? Could you tell us little bit about how you got started, for those who would like to start?


    Can you go into how you guys decided you build RNPM, and how that process went?


    So what made things easier for you as far as contributions?


    So are you involve with the Facebook SDK? Yes. Cony go into this SDK and the future of this project?




    React Virtualized


    Building Applications with React, Redux, and ES6



    React .026



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  2. DevChat.TV


    Nader Dabit

    Peter Piekarczyk

    Jed Watson

    Lee Johnson

    Brent Vatne

    Discussions and Questions “General Discussion!”


    Brent would you like introduce yourself?


    Can you give us a run down of how you got involved with React Native?


    What about your involvement with the community, how did that get to where it is now?


    Yeah I think your new letter is the highlight of our week!


    Do you get a lot of people contributing to the news article, or do you take care of it on your own?


    There is Exponent as well, tell us about a bit about you involvement in that?  And how that fit in your big picture?


    Instant Apps is a great term!


    So how has it been getting Android already for production?


    I know Android is so new, were you guys working with Facebook? How much platform experience do the the team member at Exponent have to put something like this together?


    You mention that there is increasingly less missing components for Android? And for anyone who is assessing the state of React Native today, if they need to build a cross platform app, how is it going?


    Out of curiosity, what kind of area was that in, animation, number crunching?


    In terms of where React Native is head, may you can tell us what you have found good, where you’ve had trouble, and the direction it is going in, in terms of core development?


    Conversation about open source by Microsoft, MailBox, and Carousel by Dropbox. And Peter move to Outlook.


    So Brent, in terms of what you do at Exponent, are you guys at parody for Android and iOS, or are you guys more iOS driven. How do you decide what is going to have precedence.


    Because iOS is so limited compared to Android, I wonder if we will have much cooler React Native apps built on Android?


    Can you add native modules on the fly on Android?


    What are the future plans for Exponent?


    Are you worried about running a foul on the app store policies?



    Lee talks about Test Flight.



    Jed ask about React Conf. and how Brent is organizing the conference.



    How is this year React Conf. going to be different from last year?



    Brent share information about a Diversity Scholarship offered for the conferences.



    Peter ask if you get a free ticket if you speak at the Lightening Talk?



    I’m curious, where do you see React Native heading as far as the number of people using it, and the growth around RN?



    How does one get involve and get started, because it is open source?


    You are one of the few people outside of Facebook that is a core contributor to React Native. What is that experience like for you?


    Lee asks a question about more information about migrating apps.


    Peter asks, for someone who is looking to adopt React Native, what would you tell them?

    Resources Mentioned in this Episode

    Brent Vatne



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  3. 20 CycleJS, Cycle Native, Elm & RXJS with Andre Staltz - React Native Radio - Devchat.tv

    React Native Radio | Episode 20


    Nader Dabit

    Peter Piekarczyk

    André Staltz

    Discussions and Questions:


    Andre can you tell us about your background?


    Can you go more in-depth with Cycle.JS?


    So did Cycle.JS come out of a need in real life situations?



    For some who is very familiar with React and not Cycle, do you mind giving us a quick introduction to Observables and how they work?



    Can you go into the difference between an ES6 Generator and Observables?



    What is the best practice to handle data with Cycle JS?



    Can you go into Cycle and Cycle Native and what that project entails?



    Can you give us your opinion of React Native and what your think it’s future is in mobile development?



    Where do you see Cycle going? What would be you ideal state or the next thing after Cycle?



    Nader ask about put an abstraction on top of React Native, in the topic of Cycle



    Andre talks about Elm Native.



    So I guess React Native, Elm, and Cycle Native…Those project are open source and anybody can contribute to those?



    Talk about GitHub and issues.



    How long will React live…?



    There been a lot of talk of React, rather its functional or not…How do your feel about that. If not what do you do about that?



    What do you in the future of Elm Native verses Cycle Native? Do you think those project will continue to grow, or are they just experimental?



    When a new version of React Native comes out, does that affect the project?


    Resources Mentioned in this Episode


    James Ide talk






    Cycle Native



    Gleb Bahmutov



    Elm Native




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  4. DevChat.TV

    React Native Radio | Episode 7


    Nader Dabit

    Peter Piekarczyk

    Kevin Old

    Jed Watson

    Joshua Sierles



    Josh would you like to tell us about yourself?


    What were some of the technical challenges to make React Native Playground a reality?


    Can you give us an overview of what React Native Playground is about?


    What does the future hold for RN Play, and where do you plan on taking this?


    Do you feel the iteration are faster in React Native?


    Have you had a lot of request for bridge components to be usable on RN Playground?(18:13)

    So is the goal of RN Playground to be an IDE for the lack of a better term, to get people to get starting React Native. Is it an experimentation area?


    I understand you were just at Reactive Conf., what was the vibe like, and was React Native a big topic there?(22:52)

    Nader asks the group about Elm as a platform. Does anyone have any experience with Elm?(24:26)

    Can you give us an idea about how people can contribute to RN Playground, being that it is open source?(26:01)

    I see you have a project called Reply, can you tell us about that?(29 :05)

    Peter ask about working updates with app in production.(31:10)

    When will you allow people to test?(31:51) 

    From your point of view what do you think of the future of React Native? What is your stance on React Native verses other platforms?(35:00)

    Jeb talks about the sentiments of other platforms, at Reactive Conf.(38:18)

    Do you guys have any plans, tools, project coming up in the near future?(40:58)

    Jed is curious to hear about Joshua’s experience with complex issues and bindings of older and newer versions of React.


    Do you have any tips and trick of updating to a newer version of React Native?


    Resources Mentioned in this Episode


    React Native Playground






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  5. DevChat.TV

    React Native Radio | Episode 5


    Nader Dabit

    Peter Piekarczyk

    Kevin Old

    Jed Watson

    Lee Johnson

    Matt Apperson



    Matt can you tell us about your background and  Appersion Labs?


    Can you give tell us about how your experience as a developer and how you work with React Native?


    Appcelerator, is that what you said your were using? How is the Data handle in Appcelerator, or is that can of up to you?


    Did you guys even delve deep into hybrid apps? Or was it mainly Appcelerator you were using, before React Native?


    Can you give us a bit more information about your company Apperson Labs?


    So, Matt as the founder of the company, how do you handle sales and business like that?(11:23)

    Matt talks about the ROI guarantee.(12:35)

    Matt can you talk about some of the projects that your company is working on?(14:04)

    Can you tell use about your experience with React Native and the various project eco-system that your have?(15:40)

    Do you find that you’re sharing code?(18:53)

    Tell us more about your tool box?(20:22)

    Does React Native help keep things clean?(21:20)

    How much have you found to get your hands dirty with some Native Code using React Native?(23:18)

    What is your experience with making that iOS patch for 3D Touch props?(27:49)

    Matt talks about how React Native should adopt the ‘Lean Core’ concept.(31:02)

    How do you make remote work, work out for you and your team?(37:25)

    Matt talks about tool to help run a team of remote employees.(40:23)

    How did you get the technology shift to happen in your company?(43:18)

    You mentioned pulling in different components, how did you go with this concept with sharing code between mobile and the web?(44:10)

    Jed talks about UI libraries and Keystone…(48:12)

    Kevin share information about JSON schema and Tony Mac Client rendering


    Give us your feedback on form validation/libraries. (Happy and Joy)


    What do you guy use for testing your infrastructure?


    Matt describes Feature book and its similarities to Cucumber to Rails. 


    How are you testing on your React Native components?


    When your are storing meta data on a phone, what are you working with?


    Have you run in to any issues with async storage, as far as cache invalidation?

    Resources Mentioned in this Episode


    Apperson Labs






    Screen Hero



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  6. DevChat.TV


    Nader Dabit

    Peter Piekarczyk

    Kevin Old

    Jed Watson

    Lee Johnson



    Today we are going to discuss the difference between developing with Hybrid frameworks, such as Ionic, Touchstone JS, React, or anything having to do with Cordova. And an array of different options verses React Native. Jed is the creator of Touchstone JS. Jed Can you talks about Touchstone JS?


    Can you take an app built with Touchstone and use it on the web?


    How does the integration with Cordova work? It that something you have to install through the Corodova CLI?


    What kind of apps do your have in production with Touchstone JS? What do your recommend as an app, that would be a great candidate for the framework?


    What do you think of the difference between the two? (Native and Hybrid)


    I know in React Native, that app the app took much longer to build, than Natively in Swift. Do you guys feel the same about that?(13:41)

    Lee, you have experience with Xcode and Objective C.(18:21)

    Has anyone ever heard of a frame work called Famo.us?(20:01)

    As far as native goes, it seen that Ionic is the leader right now. Of course that is Angular. Does anyone have any experience with that?(26:38)

    Has anyone ever play with Appgyver?(31:10)

    So what do you guys think are the pros and cons using some of these frameworks, such as Ionic? And verses React Native?(41:19)

    Nader shares some information about the differences using CSS in React Native, compared to web coding and stylistic nuances.(42:52)

    Kevin, How was your experience unlearning CSS and learning React Native?(44:05)

    Kevin talks about the  aiding of transitions, with somethings in React Router being brought to React Native, and the paradigm of a URL.(47:43)

    What would some of the benefits being to bring the router, Such as in React Router to React Native?(49:56)

    I would like to hear from anyone who is using React in a Hybrid app?(50:58)

    Lee asks Jeb about the difference between Touchstone and ReApp.


    Resources Mentioned in this Episode










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  7. Brian Lonsdorf - Oh Composable World!

    Recorded at the 2016 React Rally community conference in SLC.

    React Rally is a two day single track conference for developers of all backgrounds using Facebook’s React.js, React Native, and related tools. Speakers will cover topics such as React Native, Flux, ES6, isomorphic universal JavaScript, and so much more. Whether you’re a seasoned developer who has been using React since before it was cool, or a newcomer to the scene, React Rally has something for everyone!

    For more information: www.reactrally.com

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfWR3dKnFIo
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  8. React Native Radio | Episode 8 | Bridging React Native Components with Tadeu Zagallo

    React Native Radio | Episode 8


    Nader Dabit

    Peter Piekarczyk

    Tadeu Zagallo

    Discussions and Conversations


    Can you give us an introduction and your background?


    So like the performance  within the React Native ecosystem or React Native build?


    How did you start working with Facebook?


    So you get to work remotely, I guess?


    So you have a Facebook office in London?


    So how you they slit apart the responsibilities of React Native and Java Script?(3:39)

    If someone wanted to build something that isn’t already available as an API, what would be the best overview about doing that?(4:22)

    What would be the typical use case, if someone wanted to do that?(6:27)

    Can you tell us a little about how the bridging working in React Native? How are we able to have that API?(9:27)

    How familiar should one be with Native code as far as, Objective C, iOS, Swift Code, Java, Andriod, etc, to get started with this stuff?(10:26)

    In terms of performance and building in the Java Script layer or iOS layer. What would be best for performance? Heard the Java Script side was Faster?(12:14)

    Is it possible to split Java Script on several threads with React Native?(12:40)

    What is your role in the development in React Native in general?(13:38)

    Can you go into the performance improvement that your help with and what exactly goes into doing that?(14:33)

    In terms of road maps, w hat are you particularly interesting in improving?(16:06)

    Is that going to be available in one of the future releases of React Native?(16:49)

    Can you give an idea of what are the most needed parts for open source, and how people can go about contributing to the project?(20:00)

    Is there any resource, tool, or frame work to contribute to the bridging?(23:20)

    How can I convince my web friends to start using React Native over Native iOS apps?(26:24)

    What are the future plans and ideas of feature in future release of React Native?


    Have you guys been working with the web kit to implement Perf????  in the Java Script Engine?


    Do you think that Apple will have any issues as far as the app build on the Java Script platform, oppose to complete Native code? 


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  9. Leland Richardson of Airbnb - Devchat.tv

    React Native Radio | Episode 62



    Nader Dabit

    Peter Piekarczyk

    Ali Najafizadeh

    Special Guest: Leland Richardson from Airbnb


    Discussions and Questions:



    Can tell us how you got into programming and how it lead you to this career at Air BnB?



    So, you did not get a programming degree, and you were self-trained? Peter and Nader talk about being self-taught in programming and breaking the barrier to get a job in programming.



    Leland, how do you continue your education, is it still with online courses?  Do you like the mobile space rather than the web?



    How was React Native introduced to Airbnb? So, what were some of the main issues you had to overcome?



    What has been the reaction and consensus with using React Native? If you could start over what would you do differently? Did you ever feel like people were against it? Did you think in the future Airbnb will replace the Native part and ship in React Native?



    Was the Maps app something you all built internally?



    Where do you see the future of React Native, and Airbnb?



    What is your vision of targeting other in this platform, React XP, Windows…etc.?



    Check out the Repo. React Primitives Repo. Can you talk about the sketch thing that you guy is working on? Is it going to be a plugin for the app on Sketch?



    Can you go over Native Navigation? Who would be a good uses case? Why does Airbnb use Native Navigation?






    The 4 steps to getting an Idea







    Charlie Cheever talk


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