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  1. Filmspotting 646: Logan Lucky

    0:00-1:05 - Billboard 2:04-27:03 - Review: "Logan Lucky" Matt Pond PA, "Still Summer" 28:01-35:58 - Jerry Lewis / Notes 35:58-47:16 - Massacre Theatre 47:16-58:46 - Top 5: Fall Movie Preview Matt Pond PA, "A Spark" 59:40-1:36:24 - Fall Preview, cont. 1:36:24-1:49:56 - Close / Hot Mics

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  2. Filmspotting #150: Zodiac / Oscars Recap / Top 5 Movies We Need To See | Filmspotting

    March 2: Inspector Harry Callahan took down a Zodiac-like killer with a bullet to the chest back in 1972’s "Dirty Harry, " but that was in the movie world. In the real world, the Bay Area serial..

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  3. Filmspotting #383: A Separation

    Adam and Josh countdown their Top 5 Most Deliberately-Paced, Subtitled… er… Anticipated Movies of 2012. Plus, a breakdown of Gina Carano’s backbreaking talents in Steven Soderbergh’s.. - Review: "Haywire" Music: The War On Drugs, "Best Night" 19:09-22:44 - Massacre Theatre 22:45-27:25 - Polls / Notes 27:26-36:35 - Review: "A Separation" Music: The War On Drugs, "I Was There" 37:51-40:57 - Donations 41:16-1:01:35 - Top 5: Most Anticipated Films of 2012 1:01:36-1:03:32 - Close

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  4. FS #196: Persepolis / Winter Light / Top 5 Coming of Age Movies | Filmspotting

    February 1: On this week’s show, Matty and Adam give a "C’est bon!" to Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi’s "Persepolis, " the Oscar-nominated animated film based on Satrapi’s autobiographical..

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  5. RNR 121: React Native Open Source & the React Native Community feat. Christoph Nakazawa |

    n today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Christoph Nakazawa who works through React Native and open source. The guest and the panelists discuss React Native, MooTools, Lean Core, and much more! Be on the lookout for upcoming conferences with great discussion topics that will be presented soon!

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  6. Discussing Kubernetes with Google’s Sarah Novotny |

    In this podcast, Gordon Haff of Red Hat and Sarah Novotny of Google discuss the challenges inherent in shifting from a company-led project to a community-led one, principles that can lead to more successful communities, and how to structure decision-making.

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  7. Cinecast #80: Tarkovsky/Oscar Blunders | Filmspotting

    Overlooked Auteurs/Oscar Blunders: For part two of the Overlooked Auteurs Marathon, Cinecast attempts to contribute something meaningful to the conversation about Russian master Andrei Tarkovsky…

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