Taxonomies, while critical, are often created in collaboration with businesses and in isolation from users, which leads to misalignment of expectations and a disconnection from their mental models. But testing taxonomy is not difficult, doesn’t have to be expensive, and offers clearly identifiable value to projects. In this very practical session you’ll learn about when to test, the different kind of tests available, and what works best (and what doesn’t) at different stages of different projects.

Session Takeaways Attendees will be introduced to testing methods that go beyond the basic card sorting, such as

Delphi-method card sorting Online grouping Click path studies Usability testing For each of these methods, we’ll talk about

What they are Step-by-step instructions on how to execute a study What they’re good for How they differ from traditional card sorting Examples & case study learnings The talk will be full of screenshots, examples that clarify abstract ideas and methods