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  1. Social Media Boombox Episode 6 – Patrick Rhone | Social Media Breakfast – Minneapolis/St. Paul

    You can find new episodes of our podcast every other week. Listen here, on iTunes, SoundCloud, or Stitcher.

    In this episode I interview Patrick Rhone (@patrickrhone), writer, essaist, and avid blogger. We discuss his latest book, writing process, what to do when a blog has run its course, making the world a better place, and meditation.

    Episode sponsor: TopRank® Online Marketing

    Links mentioned in this episode:Latest book: This Could HelpPatrick’s other booksMinimal

    More information about Pop Up Zen at @popupzen or

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    Photo: Bernhard Benke on Flickr

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  2. Hypertext as an Agent of Change

    Thomas Pynchon. The Anthropocene. Ferguson. Geoheliocentrism. Teju Cole. Thomas Kuhn’s theory of paradigms. Antigone. A wall. The sixth extinction.

    The ways we transmit information—and the ways in which that information accumulates into narratives—is changing. And if we aren’t careful, it may not change in all the ways we want it to.

    Mandy Brown is a wordsmith. She takes other people’s words and hammers them into shape.

    Mandy edited Frank Chimero’s The Shape Of Design. She has edited articles for A List Apart and books for A Book Apart (including the particularly handsome first book).

    More recently, Mandy assembled a dream team to work on her startup Editorially, an online platform for collaborative writing and editing. That didn’t work out in the end, which is a shame because it was a lovely piece of work.

    Before that, Mandy worked as product lead at Typekit, whipping their communications into shape.

    She is one of the Studiomates crew in Brooklyn, where she lives with her husband, Keith and her dog, Jax. They’re both adorable.

    Here’s Mandy speaking about How Things Change at the Beyond Tellerrand conference last year.

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  3. Patrick Rhone a Writer Who Has Lived The Best and Worst

    A tough life has taught Patrick Rhone how to be resilient! He lived in a time where he could only afford to eat once a day so his boys wouldn’t go hungry.

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  4. Technical Difficulties - 077 - Learning Vim with Potatowire

    Potatowire finally leaves the crib, joining Gabe and Erik to discuss command-line text editing with vim. We learn how he started, why he uses a forty-year old text editor, and some cool things you can do when your hands never have to leave the keyboard.

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  5. 5by5 | Systematic #100: Episode 100 with Merlin Mann

    Merlin Mann on Apple, WWDC, sleep habits and home entertainment.

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  6. Technical Difficulties - 071 - Reading

    How do you read these days? Gabe and Erik talk about the devices and apps they use for casual and serious reading.


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  7. 5by5 | Mac Power Users #183: Episode V: Merlin Strikes Back

    Merlin Mann returns to Mac Power Users for his annual visit. This year we dive deep into Merlin’s new obsession with home automation and talk about what makes some apps stick while others never do.

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  8. A Writing Guide | The Weekly Briefly

    For today’s show I’m joined by my friend, Patrick Rhone, to talk about writing. Topics include: doing the work, picking a publishing platform, building an audience, making a few bucks, and having fun.

    Show Links:

    Minimal Mac

    Patrick Rhone’s personal site

    Patrick’s books

    Shawn Blanc membership drive

    Frivolity to Grow Your Soul

    A Cuckoo’s Calling

    Sponsored by: The original home of the Apple TV (use coupon code “weeklybriefly” at checkout for 10% off).

    Appoint: the iPhone calendar that works for you.

    Podcast: Download (Duration: 55:22 — 38.2MB)

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  9. Technical Difficulties - 066 - Files in the Cloud

    Gabe and Erik take a look at a number of different online sync and storage options for moving your files to the cloud.

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  10. 5by5 | CMD+Space #77: Primary Source Material, with John Roderick

    This week Myke is joined by John Roderick. They talk about what it takes to write, record, release and promote an album.

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