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  1. History Podcasters – 033: 50 Shades of Great: Washington v Bonaparte

    033: 50 Shades of Great: Washington v Bonaparte [ 1:49:51 | 0.01 MB ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (1627)

    Zack Twamley, Stephen Guerra, Travis Dow and Thomas Daly try to get to the bottom of which of these revolutionary military and political leaders was greater!

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  2. Episode 39: John Gruber Crashes His Tesla Into Your Heart

    John Gruber, one of the most famous bloggers of all time, sits down with Josh for a little one-on-one concerning all things tech. Those things? Apple, Tesla, Google, Twitter, and so much more. Have you ever heard two men violently agree and disagree about a phone's user interface? Have you ever heard two men discuss their hatred of a remote? Have you ever heard two men talk what it's like to gaze into the abyss? Well some of those things happen. LISTEN NOW.

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  3. Extra: Reviews of Siracusa County

    A reflection on how John Siracusa began writing reviews of Mac OS X for Ars Technica.John's review of Infinite LoopJohn's review of OS X YosemiteBlog post announcing the end of his reviews This extra is brought to you by Backchannel: a better way for developers to collect feedback from beta testers of your iOS apps. Coming soon.Music for Welcome to Macintosh is by the mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder.


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  4. Welcome to Macintosh | 5: Rumors

    The Apple rumor mill.

    GuestsJason Snell@jsnellSix ColorsRick LePage@rlepageJohn Moltz@moltzVery Nice WebsiteMark Gurman@markgurman9to5MacRob McGinley Myers@robmcmyersAnxious MachineReferencesApple introduces MacBook at the March 9th, 2015 EventMacWEEK MagazineMac the KnifeCrazy Apple Rumors SiteQuicktime Live Attendees Wish Schiller had Pled the Fifth (Crazy Apple Rumors Site)Crazy Apple Rumors Site shutting downTim Cook at AllThingsD Conference in 2012Gurman's scoop on the 12" MacBookGurman's first big findJohn Gruber on the podcast Tomorrow with Joshua TopolskyRob McGinley Myers' excellent Anxious Machine podcast.MusicThe theme music is by Terique Greenfield.Ad music is by Kebu.Scoring for this episode is by the mysterious & wonderful Breakmaster Cylinder.Brought to you by:Unread: an RSS reader by Supertop 🐙 ICONIC: a photographic tribute to Apple Innovation. Use offer code 'MACFM' to save 10% and get free shipping on a special edition.Listeners like you on Patreon. Thank you. 


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