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  1. Tech Weekly podcast: South by Southwest Interactive | Technology | The Guardian

    Aleks Krotoski and Jemima Kiss report from the SXSWi festival in Austin, Texas


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  2. Alpha Software | Adventures in Alpha Land - Episode 8

    Show Notes

    00:00 Dan: Intro to episode 8.

    01:20 Adam: Start in computers.

    02:00 Adam: Rebuilt Citibank’s retail systems.

    02:57 Adam: Started looking at the Apple II in 1978 and then VisiCalc, but couldn’t convince Citibank to use Apple.

    03:24 Adam: Left in 1982 to start Analytica and build Reflex.

    04:24 Adam: Sold company to Borland, who sold 60x more product, partly by dropping the price greatly.

    05:10 Adam: You have to make it possible to program in a spreadsheet, in this case Quartro for Borland.

    06:21 Adam: Borland dropped the language in Quatro, I left, and was soon recruited by Microsoft to build Access.

    06:29 Adam: Built Access as the product manager with a built-in use of programming.

    09:06 Adam: I noticed in 1995 that many Access users were generating HTML for web sites.

    09:55 Adam: Wrote internet Application Manifesto for Microsoft calling for what became Ajax.

    10:51 Adam: Argued for a simple cross website information protocol for IE5. At the time it was XML, later it became JSON.

    11:29 Adam: Added idea of Active Server Pages.

    11:46 Adam: Focused on back-end of IE and built the DOM and Ajax.

    13:34 Adam: Started building CSS.

    14:35 Adam: We were ahead of our time. Javascript wasn’t fast enough then.

    17:33 Adam: Our one requirement was that we had to be faster than Netscape.

    18:03 Adam: We added XML as a data language, and we then had everything we needed for Ajax in early 1999.

    20:16 Adam: I argued that this could be used for a web mail UI, but I lost at the time.

    21:10 Adam: Later I moved to Google and ran Google Docs, and we were focused on this vision.

    21:22 Adam: When the Office team and the Windows team realized what we were doing, there was a lot of yelling.

    21:40 Adam: The IE5 team was disbanded and many of the key engineers followed me to Google.

    22:59 Adam: We didn’t realize what we had with IE5 at the time, so we dropped a lot of the UI and Ajax functionality

    26:42 Adam: This is all about Moore’s law. Things become practical because of the increased speed of computers.

    27:30 Adam: In 1998 when we built XML I had to fight that passing data as text instead of binary was almost as fast.

    28:51 Adam: The big lesson is that simple, easy to use text formats… The moment Moore’s Law makes it possible, they’ll happen.

    30:01 Adam: I went off to do cloud computing, 2001 was not a good year to do this.

    31:19 Adam: Mobile started to look like the new frontier.

    31:57 Adam: We went to Google, but were enjoined from working on mobile. We had to work on Google Docs instead.

    32:10 Adam: How it felt to see Google Maps and Google Mail for the first time.

    32:48 Adam: Story about Quartro.

    33:26 Adam: I also built calendars and the spreadsheet stuff at Google, and ran GMail, and Blogger. It was validating to see this stuff worked.

    34:09 Adam: Tablets and smartphones

    35:05 Adam: Model View Controller

    35:24 Adam: With mobile, everything lives on the mobile device.

    36:21 Adam: We changed as profoundly with mobile as we did with the web.

    37:07 Adam: Forms on phones or tablets.

    38:24 Adam: It’s not about productivity apps anymore, it’s about getting information at the right time.

    39:03 Adam: With Reflex and since, its speed, speed, speed.

    41:33 Adam: Data will just be on your phone.


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  3. 5by5 | Amplified #86: Nobody’s Getting My Panties

    TOPIC: Google is entering your nest.


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  4. 5by5 | Bionic #66: Crossover Event

    This week – with Matt on a secret Vlcnr mission – Myke is joined by Merlin Mann. They discuss the fact that Matt is probably on witness protection, the movies of Edgar wright, a little about Comic books and Blackberry in the enterprise.


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  5. 5by5 | The Critical Path #81: Continuous Flow


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  6. 5by5 | The Critical Path #82: Adding Rows

    The Apple Q1 financial performance review with a short look at the impact of warranties on gross margins. The growth question: why financial analysis cannot offer insights into new product creation, and why makers of things think different. Finally, a new


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  7. 5by5 | The Critical Path #88: Siri in the Driver’s Seat

    In the second part of our WWDC wrapup, we delve into the large-scale shift represented by iOS 7. Siri guides us on the journey from navigation to consumption in our latest AsymCar segment, and Horace examines what iWork for iCloud means.


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  8. 5by5 | The Critical Path #80: Functional Structure

    A report on Ùll with recollections from Don Metlon and Michael B. Johnson (Dr. Wave): what is a functional organization and why is that a thing of beauty? What do Pixar and Apple have in common? What is Horace’s favorite Pixar movie? Also a new AsymCar.


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  9. Beyond Web Analytics-Episode 2 | Beyond Web Analytics!

    Moving from Web Reporting & Tagging to real Web Analytics: How can people learn how to do real web analysis? Recorded 11/23/2009

    Hosts: James Dutt…


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  10. This Week in Google ep 4 - Filers vs Pilers


    Hosts: Leo Laporte, Gina Trapani, Jeff Jarvis, and Kevin Marks

    Extracting meaning from your Twitter feed, what Wave is, and isn’t, and the Google-Apple conspiracy…


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