James Low - Being at ease with yourself. Devon

28th November 2014. Jame Low gives a public talk in Crediton, Devon, UK, organised by Wendy.

What gets in the way of us being at ease? Anxiety is part of the human condition. How can we understand it from the point of view of Buddhism and of therapy? … The royal road to happiness and relaxation is not to believe the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, but to look. Look at the world, look at our unfolding potential, see what is there, feel our response, evoking the widest range of responses in ourselves. In this way we will find ourself - being there in the moment. It is that easy but it is also that difficult! Why? Because we won’t let go of what we know. That is the ongoing work in being at ease with ourselves and with others. ~ James Low

Read the transcript here: www.simplybeing.co.uk/news/being-at-ease-with-yourself-devon-2014/ - in English (by Lea Pabst, edited by Barbara Terris) - in Italian (by Francesca Fazzio) - in Portuguese (by JoΓ£o Vale Neto)

0:00 πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ Overview of Anxiety 01:00 🌍 Conceptualization of the World from a Buddhist Perspective 04:30 πŸ€” Tensions in Childhood Identity Formation 08:07 🀯 Existential Doubts and Decision-Making 11:17 🧠 Estrangement from Oneself and the Knowledge Question 15:16 πŸ’” Loss of Faith and the Nature of Projections 21:39 🌈 The Co-Creative Nature of Re…

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