Blue Jam Monologue - 12 Suzys Wedding

This collection of monologues, originally conceived and written by Robert Katz, with later collaboration by Chris Morris, are taken from Morris’s radio series ‘Blue Jam’.

Morris and Katz skilfully weave together cleverly groggy first person storytelling with thick ambient soundscapes and loops, creating a disturbing, disgusting, funny, and strangely enthralling world for our nameless sympathetic half-tramp hero to fall victim to.

This narrator takes us on a journey through his nightmare world; populated by pretentious art scenesters, cynical media executives, obsequious dinner guests and unfriendly, aggressive passers by.

Like all of Morris’s work this will not be to everybody’s taste, certainly not the faint of heart, squeamish or easily offended. To everyone else be prepared to immerse yourself head first into one mans car crash nightmare of a life.

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