Underworld - Threat of Rain (#Drift, Ep 2, Pt. 3)

This Thursday’s DRIFT release, Threat of Rain builds from a murky locked techno groove and a looped refrain of “I’m good, I’m good… I’m alright” into an orchestra of analogue noise that swells and surges and at times obliterates everything around it, which, with the accompanying film by Tomato’s Simon Taylor and Rick Smith, looks and sounds like a lost recording of a musique concrète symposium being broadcast from the DJ booth of the Omen.

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Music: Underworld Film: Simon Taylor and Rick Smith

For News, Updates and Exclusive Ticket Pre-sales sign up here: https://underworldlive.com/drift/

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMRFess-Xbo
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