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  1. Reconcilable Differences (2018 Member Only Episode)

    2018 Members Only episode

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  2. Chris Urmson: Perspectives on Self-Driving Cars

    Chris Urmson, CEO & co-founder Aurora

    Perspectives on Self-Driving Cars

    Abstract: Self-driving vehicles will save millions of lives, make cities more liveable, save resources, and transform transportation to be more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Despite a decade of rapid advancement in the state-of-the-art, perception of the technology still lands somewhere between solved and unsolveable. Over the last decade I’ve had the chance to have a front row seat, watching the technology and industry evolve. In this talk I will share perspectives on the technology, the players and what the future holds.

    Bio: Chris Urmson is the co-founder and CEO of Aurora, a company focused on making self-driving cars a reality. Chris led Google’s self-driving car program and was a member of the faculty of the Robotics Institute. His research focused on motion planning and perception for robotic vehicles. During his time at Carnegie Mellon, he worked with house size trucks, drove robots around in deserts, and was part of the DARPA Urban and Grand Challenge teams. Chris earned his PhD in 2005 from Carnegie Mellon and his BSc in computer engineering from the University of Manitoba in 1998.

    The Yata Memorial Lecture in Robotics is part of the School of Computer Science Distinguished Lecture S…

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  3. Making Computers Smarter with Google’s AI chief John Giannandrea | Disrupt SF 2017

    Google’s John Giannandrea sits down with Frederic Lardinois to discuss the AI hype/worry cycle and the importance, limitations, and acceleration of machine learning.

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  4. 022: Apple’s 4-Pronged Media Strategy with Eric Young

    Eric Young works in research and strategy for NBCUniversal. His

    understanding of the media landscape along with his strongly-held Apple

    views made for a great conversation about Apple’s media strategy…

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  5. Tim Cook Speak at Fortune’s CEO Initiative

    Tim Cook spoke at the 2018 Fortune CEO initiative in San Francisco. He discussed the company’s core beliefs and ideals.

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    FORTUNE is a global leader in business journalism with a worldwide circulation of more than 1 million and a readership of nearly 5 million, with major franchises including the FORTUNE 500 and the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For. FORTUNE Live Media extends the brand’s mission into live settings, hosting a wide range of annual conferences, including the FORTUNE Global Forum.

    Website: Facebook: Twitter:

    Fortune Magazine is published by Time Inc.

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  6. SixColors WWDC

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  7. The Talk Show Live From WWDC 2018

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  8. Mac Power Users #430: Catching up with Marco Arment - Relay FM

    Marco Arment Returns to Mac Power Users to discuss the state of the Mac, the iMac Pro, Apple’s laptops, Overcast, privacy, digital cameras and more.

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  9. Ctrl-Walt-Delete

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  10. The Menu Bar: Episode 07 - Being Balanced is Not Sexy, With Federico Viticci — The Menu Bar

    Zac goes one on one with Federico Viticci to discuss the tech angle having puppies, the line Apple walks with privacy, the scaleability of ethics in business, the difficulty of being balanced online, the big ideas of Beats Music, how playlists changed the way artists make music, why Netflix binging might be bad, the emotional element that’s missing in digital consumption, and the benefit of Thinking Different.

    Relevant Links:

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    Relevant Federico Links:

    Federico Viticci on Twitter






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