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  1. Clockwise #329: Forgetting as a Service - Relay FM

    Our best security practices, the services we

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  2. Mac Power Users #515: Stephen Takes One for the Team - Relay FM

    It’s feedback time! David and Stephen revisit media management and external drives, then talk about David’s 16-inch MacBook Pro, meditation apps and USB-C hubs. Then Stephen makes a confession, which David takes rather well.

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  3. Keyboard Bull Run Talk at OC Keys Meetup 2019

    Slide show used:

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  4. Mac Power Users #513: Catalyst Apps on the Mac, with John Voorhees - Relay FM

    Stephen and David are joined by John Voorhees to talk about Mac Catalyst, which allows for iPad apps to be developed for macOS. They review some early examples and talk about the technology and what it could mean for the Mac and iPad in the future.

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  5. Clockwise #317: Fancy Super Duper Techno Chippy Things - Relay FM

    Applications for Apple’s rumored AR glasses, our feelings on technology companies in bed with autocratic governments, wired vs. wireless headphones, and Instagram’s banning of cosmetic surgery filters.

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  6. Automators #27: Shortcuts in iOS 13 - Diving into the Deep End! - Relay FM

    In this episode, Rose and David throw caution to the wind and install iOS & iPadOS betas on everything. There are crashes and updates, all in the name of finding out just how impressive the new Shortcuts really is.

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  7. Download #105: Live From WWDC: Dark Mode People - Relay FM

    From Apple’s podcast studio within its Worldwide Developer Conference, we’re joined by John Siracusa and Shelly Brisbin to discuss iPadOS, iOS, Catalyst, SwiftUI, and Apple’s new pro hardware.

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  8. Automators #23: Diving into Drafts Automation with Tim “The Drafts Man” Nahumck - Relay FM

    In this episode Rosemary and David get Tim the Drafts Man to talk about how he uses Drafts, sharing actions, tips and tricks.

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  9. Automators #21: Invoicing, Writing, and Regular Expressions with Dr. Drang - Relay FM

    In this episode of Automators Rosemary and David interview the mysterious internet legend Dr. Drang. They look at Python, Perl, and AppleScript, Shortcuts, Drafts, Keyboard Maestro, and how you can combine all of these in various different workflows!

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  10. Download #94: From Switzerland to You - Relay FM

    Fitbit unveils new low-cost fitness trackers, Apple goes hiring in Qualcomm’s backyard, Zuck has a vision for private conversations, and we bring in our Special Automotive Correspondent to discuss electric car announcements.

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