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  1. Clockwise #329: Forgetting as a Service - Relay FM

    Our best security practices, the services we

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  2. TeeVee | The Mandalorian S1E8 Review: “Chapter 8: Redemption” (Episode 603)

    The first season of The Mandalorian comes to a close this week, so Dan Moren and very special guest Kat Benesh to discuss a significant unmasking, drawing parallels with the past, and what we might see when season two debuts next fall.

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  3. TeeVee | The Mandalorian S1E3 Review: “Chapter 3: The Sin” (Episode 595)

    We’re back for the third episode of A Complicated Profession and your host Dan Moren is joined by special guest and network head honcho Jason Snell to discuss chapter 3 of The Mandalorian. Our discussion covers the many possible interpretations of sin, what exactly happened to the Empire, and how this show paves the way for future Star Wars series.

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  4. TeeVee | The Mandalorian S1E1 Review: “Chapter 1” (Episode 591)

    In the inaugural episode of A Complicated Profession, host Dan Moren is joined by fellow Star Wars aficionado John Siracusa to discuss the debut of The Mandalorian, the first live-action Star Wars series. We talk about the heritage of Star Wars on TV, Werner Herzog as Werner Herzog, and exactly what kind of show this is.

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  5. Clockwise #317: Fancy Super Duper Techno Chippy Things - Relay FM

    Applications for Apple’s rumored AR glasses, our feelings on technology companies in bed with autocratic governments, wired vs. wireless headphones, and Instagram’s banning of cosmetic surgery filters.

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  6. Clockwise #266: I’m in Dongle Heck - Relay FM

    Tech products we’d like to see resurrected, how we deal with dongle madness, the ways technology helped or hindered our voting experience, and tech decisions we’ve reversed ourselves on.

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  7. Clockwise #253: Creepy Beating Heart - Relay FM

    Most of us use Low Power mode on iOS occasionally, but one of us doesn’t. Plus, how much we would pay for a calendar app, Microsoft walking back its decision to drop old Skype, and indie games we have played.

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  8. Clockwise #181: A List of Things That Don’t Happen - Relay FM

    Relay FM | Clockwise #181: A List of Things That Don’t Happen

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  9. Clockwise #137: You’re All American - Relay FM

    Google I/O keynote reaction! Google Home v. Amazon Echo, Google Assistant v. Siri, Allo and Duo, and Android Wear 2 v. Apple Watch. Guests Anze Tomic and Caitlin McGarry.

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  10. Game Show | Counterclockwise: Order of the University of Phoenix (Episode 25)

    This time we discuss the “Harry Potter” series, both the books and the movies. Topics include: gadgets/spells we wish we could have, decisions J.K. Rowling regrets (and we do too), greatest moments in the series, and the ultimate reason why this series is so wildly popular.


    November 25, 2015

    40 minutes

    Jason Snell and Dan Moren

    with Shannon Sudderth and Aleen Simms

    —Huffduffed by nguyen

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