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  1. Clockwise #329: Forgetting as a Service - Relay FM

    Our best security practices, the services we

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  2. 2: Christian Selig

    Official website of the Launched podcast.

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  3. Episode 143: The 2019 MacStories Selects Awards – AppStories

    This week on AppStories, Federico and John reveal the 2019 MacStories Selects Awards.

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  4. Friends in Your Ears | Scott Sullivan & Tiff Arment (Episode 42)

    Kathy. Kathy, Tiff. Kathy, Tiff, and Scott. Kathy, Tiff, and Scott get together to talk about comedy, ego, radio and the origins of podcasting. In the Bonus, Tiff and Scott have a reference-off.

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  5. TeeVee | The Mandalorian S1E7 Review: “Chapter 7: The Reckoning” (Episode 602)

    We regroup on this week’s episode of A Complicated Profession, as host Dan Moren recruits trustworthy allies Guy English and John Moltz to discuss lazy biker scouts, Chekhov’s bassinet, and Baby Yoda’s moral code.

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  6. TeeVee | The Mandalorian S1E8 Review: “Chapter 8: Redemption” (Episode 603)

    The first season of The Mandalorian comes to a close this week, so Dan Moren and very special guest Kat Benesh to discuss a significant unmasking, drawing parallels with the past, and what we might see when season two debuts next fall.

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  7. Mac Power Users #515: Stephen Takes One for the Team - Relay FM

    It’s feedback time! David and Stephen revisit media management and external drives, then talk about David’s 16-inch MacBook Pro, meditation apps and USB-C hubs. Then Stephen makes a confession, which David takes rather well.

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  8. Phil and Lisa Ruin the Movies | Idris Elba: Sex Panther (Episode 41)

    Phil and Lisa cope with the hysterical blindness triggered by “Cats.” But fortunately, there are many new trailers to ruin, including several from the thick-knuckled lummoxes at DC Comics.

    Movies Ruined: “Cats”, “Dolittle”, “Birds of Prey”, “Wonder Woman 84”, “Layer Cake”, “Dolemite Is My Name”.

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  9. Keyboard Bull Run Talk at OC Keys Meetup 2019

    Slide show used:

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    #talk #bull #run

    Original video:
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  10. The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 271, With Special Guest Jason Snell

    The Talk Show

    ‘A Perfect Wheel’, With Special Guest Jason Snell

    Thursday, 12 December 2019

    Special guest Jason Snell returns to the show for a brief chat about the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, which are both — dare I say — finally available for ordering. Also: Ming Chi Kuo’s intriguing rumors on the 2020 and 2021 iPhone lineups.

    Download MP3.

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    Jason at Macworld: “The Mac Pro Is an Important Symbol, but You Probably Shouldn’t Buy It”.

    Greg Jozwiak and Craig Federighi on stage at this year’s The Talk Show Live From WWDC, on the price of the Mac Pro’s optional wheels.

    The new Mac Pro has unique keyboard, trackpad, and mouse — black keys/glass and silver aluminum bottoms. It even comes with a black USB-C to Lightning cable and black power cable.

    Marques Brownlee’s Mac Pro review on YouTube. Also: Pro Display XDR.

    Justine Ezarik’s

    Mac Pro review on YouTube. Also: Behind the scenes.

    MacStories’ roundup of other Mac Pro / Pro Display XDR reviews and first impressions.

    Ming Chi Kuo’s 2020 iPhone roadmap.

    New iPhone “SE” to be called iPhone 9?

    Upgrade 275: “Remove All of the Holes”.

    The Mac IIfx debuted in March 1990 at a price of $9,900. Inflation adjusted, that’s $19,400 — give or take — in today’s dollars.

    Spectre, the greatest Mac game of all time (come at me).

    The language formerly known as “Perl 6” — first announced in July 2000 (!) — is now Raku. And Perl 5 — the one true Perl — is up to version 30.

    “Kotoba: The Best iOS Dictionary App You’ve Never Heard Of”.

    This episode of The Talk Show was edited by Caleb Sexton.

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