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  1. John Carmack Unscripted Live At Facebook Connect

    We’re restreaming a direct feed of the Facebook Connect presentation offered by John Carmack at 5:30PM PT. Every year he reveals a multitude of things in an unscripted format and this year could be extra juicy. Enjoy!

    Don’t forget to read our full review of the Oculus Quest 2 right here:

    This is the first-ever all-digital Connect and the first-ever event under the new Facebook Connect / Facebook Reality Labs branding. We’re expecting to learn full details about the Oculus Quest 2 and much more!

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  2. Radiolab: The Wubi Effect

    When we think of China today, we think of a technological superpower. From Huawei and 5G to TikTok and viral social media, China is stride for stride with the United States in the world of computing. However, China’s technological renaissance almost didn’t happen. And for one very basic reason: The Chinese language, with its 70,000 plus characters, couldn’t fit on a keyboard.

    Today, we tell the story of Professor Wang Yongmin, a hard headed computer programmer who solved this puzzle and laid the foundation for the China we know today.

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  3. Sci-Fi Science #4 “Liu Cixin’s The Three Body Problem”

    On this episode of Sci-Fi Science Krista-Lee and Patrick meet with Jake Gill to discuss Liu Cixin’s book The Three Body Problem. Ignore the countdown in your eyes and brush up on your astrophysics because this Sci-Fi Science’s fourth episode. | CAST: Krista-Lee Malone, Patrick TomlinsonJake Gill | Season 1

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  4. Hamilton and The Three Body Problem SPOILERCAST! - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 3/01/16

    The latest book we’re gushing over is Liu Cixin’s The Three Body Problem, a science-fiction story with ideas that blew our minds. Adam, Norm, and Will review the book and discuss its concepts in a Spoilercast! Adam also talks about his current obsession with Hamilton: The Musical, and we hear Norm’s best segue yet.

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    Tested is: Adam Savage Norman Chan Joey Fameli Adam Isaak Kishore Hari Patrick Norton Frank Ippolito Sean Charlesworth Jeremy Williams ht…

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  5. Bong Joon Ho on Writing Parasite | On Writing

    Bong Joon Ho talks about the films that influenced him as a child and led him into the career of Screenwriting as well as the process of writing the multi BAFTA-winning film Parasite.

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