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  1. White Supremacy, Minecraft and Reddit with Philosopher Charlie Huenemann on Tuesday’s Access Utah

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  2. President Trump’s Speech on Afghanistan - Full

    President Trump gives a speech on the new strategy in Afghanistan, which includes a troop increase and calls on Pakistan and India to do more to end the problems. Subscribe now for more.

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  3. Bible Series XI: Sodom and Gomorrah

    Often interpreted as an injunction against homosexuality (particularly by those simultaneously claiming identity as Christians and opposed to that orientation), the stories of the angels who visit Abraham, bless him, and then rain destruction on Sodom and Gomorrah are more truly a warning against mistreatment of the stranger and impulsive, dysregulated, sybaritic conduct.

    Abraham opens his heart and hearth to the stranger. The denizens of Lot’s soon-to-be lost cities threaten them with violent rape. God exacts a terrible retribution. The warning is clear.


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  4. Slavoj Zizek: Today our universities are producing experts only to solve immediate problems

    Slavoj Zizek: Today our universities are producing experts only to solve immediate problems. Visit our site on Slavoj Zizek: http://www.zizektimes.com and also Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZizekTimes/ for more in-depth look into Zizek news, reviews, books, articles, events, and so on….& so on…..

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  5. John Abercrombie, Jazz Guitarist, Dies At 72 : NPR

    John Abercrombie helped define the sound of jazz guitar: from jazz-rock fusion to funky organ combos to the distinctive less-is-more sound he created on dozens of albums for the ECM label.


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  6. Lawmakers Want To Make California A Sanctuary State : NPR

    California lawmakers are considering a Sanctuary State bill to prevent local and state police from enforcing federal immigration law. Oregon passed a similar measure more than 30 years ago.


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  7. Hope, Rebellion And Empowerment: The Multifaceted Appeal Of Mashrou’ Leila’s ‘Roman’ : NPR

    The Lebanese alternative rock band’s hit single has taken on a life of its own this summer: as an anthem for women’s empowerment and as a song of hope for troubled political times.


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  8. Wildland Firefighters Try To Combat Spread Of Invasive Species : NPR

    Wildland firefighters in the West are using precious time to clean equipment in order to avoid bringing invasive species into sensitive areas. It’s an attempt to avoid billions of dollars in damage.


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  9. One Denver Suburb Aims To Be A Trailblazer For Drilling Oil In Suburbia : NPR

    As oil wells and new housing fight for the same space, one Denver suburb aims to be a model for co-existence. It’s proposing quieter rigs, sound walls, and lots of landscaping.


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  10. I Seem Fun: The Diary of Jen Kirkman Podcast : Expiration Dates




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