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  1. Today in Out of Context Gordo - 2.13.18

    A great out-of-context Gordo montage from a few UnTicket posts. Some are his regular voice, some aren’t.


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  2. 39 - 10/07/08

    We’re live from Tokyo in this very jet-lagged edition of the Giant Bombcast! Topics of discussion include Speed Racer, Street Fighter IV, beef bowls, Vodka Drunkinski, Marcus Fenix’s face scars, and more!

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  3. 38 - 09/30/08

    Giant Bomb designer Dave Snider joins Ryan, Brad, and Vinny to discuss Warhammer key parties, making bootleg versions of Eye of the Tiger in Guitar Hero: World Tour, droopy pipes, Return to Castle Greyskull, and much more!

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  4. DS3

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  5. 37 - 09/23/08

    What do the first weekend of Warhammer Online, the Jenny McCarthy virus, Ice-T’s MySpace page, The Sims: The Movie, Metal Gear Solid Existence, and Need for Speed: Burnout all have in common? Listen to this week’s Bombcast to find out!

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  6. Interview with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson | Free Speech & Social Justice

    In this very exciting stream, I interview University of Toronto professor Dr. Jordan Peterson about the controversy surrounding his opposition to Bill C-16, the importance of free speech, gender issues (including non-binary identities and pronouns), and the current prominence of social justice in academia.

    Dr. Peterson is a vocal critic of the social justice movement and PC culture, and I encourage you to check out his Youtube channel and his website:

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  7. Imagining the Internet — Imaginary Worlds — Overcast


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  8. Phantomlord Files Lawsuit Against Twitch.tv

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    http://audibletrial.com/RLShow http://therichardlewisshow.podbean.com/ https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-richard-lewis-show/id1112903480

    Original video: https://youtu.be/4Kij1X06EPg
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  9. Erik Davis, Miguel Conner & Jeff Wolfe // Jack Parsons & the Current Philip K. Dick World — OCCULTURE

    Erik Davis, Miguel Conner & Jeff Wolfe are all in the house to talk Jack

    Parsons, Babalon vs Babylon, feminine archetypes & the existentialism of

    our current Philip K. Dick World.


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  10. Inside Europe 16th feb

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