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  1. BaD Radio - AFC Championship Talk - 1.20.17

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  2. BaD Radio - Evan Grant - 1.20.17

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  3. 1:30 NEWS - 1.20.17

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  4. BaD Radio Open - 1.20.17

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  5. The Musers - Razor Reaugh - 1.20.17

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  6. The Plane on the Bottom of the Ocean by Bucky McMahon

    The question is astonishingly simple: In the year 2015, with GPS and satellites and global surveillance everywhere all the time, how does a massive airplane simply go missing? To find the answer, writer Bucky McMahon boarded one of the vessels searching for Malaysia Air 370 in one of the most isolated and treacherous stretches of ocean on the planet. In telling the story of the search crew and the massive amounts of technology, money, and human capital being spent trying to find this airplane, McMahon tells a story of our time—of a world completely dependent on nets of redundant technology, yet completely lost and broken when those nets suddenly break. McMahon joins host David Brancaccio to discuss his October 2015 story, “The Plane at the Bottom of the Ocean.”

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  7. Network Break 118: Cisco Meraki Targets MSPs; A VMUG Spat

    The latest Network Break looks at Cisco Meraki’s efforts to court MSPs, gives an update on the Ericsson-Cisco partnership, tracks container growth & more.


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  8. Ribby Paultz Covers the Trump Inauguration - 1.20.17

    He’s also doing the opening song.

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  9. 002 - The Wind From Nowhere

    In a week already full of election foreboding, the eternal spirit of Alex Jones gallops to Washington for the inauguration. Jeb, Robert and political writer and dedicated Alex Jonesologist Dan O’Sullivan each share their lifelong soul-bonds with the dangerously "10% correct" xenophobic opportunist. Meanwhile, everything is still terrible.

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  10. E-Brake - 1.20.17

    Jason Garrett f-bomb, Sirois colored, Rosengarden speaks French

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