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  1. A BRIGHT RAY OF DARKNESS | Ethan Hawke & Isaac Fitzgerald

    Ethan Hawke joined us in February to celebrate his latest novel, A Bright Ray of Darkness, with author Isaac Fitzgerald.

    A Bright Ray of Darkness examines fame, disappointment, and the power of art through the captivating story of a young man seeking redemption for his mistakes as he prepares for a debut performance on Broadway.

    Ethan and Isaac, thank you so much for joining us! We hope to see you again soon.

    To purchase a copy of A Bright Ray of Darkness, click here:

    • ~ Recorded on Zoom on Thursday, February 11th, 2021. ~ *

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  2. Ethan Hawke’s Approach to Storytelling - In The Envelope: The Actor’s Podcast

    Actor, writer, director, and all-around storyteller Ethan Hawke is an advocate for truthfulness in both art and life. Although wary of giving advice, he provides plenty in his thoughtful “In the Envelope” interview: get out of your head and into your gut, study the work of artists you admire, use auditions as opportunities to exceed your comfort zone, and more. The more holistically one approaches a career in the arts, he says, the better. “But more essential to that is, most of us are only as good as our opportunities. And when the opportunities aren’t there, you have to search for ways to articulate your love…to make your imagination manifest.”

    Born in Texas and raised in New York and New Jersey, Ethan has been producing intensely honest work since his teenaged breakout roles in “Explorers” and “Dead Poets Society.” He’s appeared before or behind the camera in “Reality Bites,” “Gattaca,” “The Hottest State,” Blumhouse Productions films, “First Reformed,” “Blaze,” and “Tesla,” to name a few. One of the few artists to be Academy Award–nominated for both acting (for “Training Day” and “Boyhood”) and writing (for “Before Sunset” and “Before Midnight,” two of several collaborations with fellow filmmaker Richard Linklater), Ethan is also a Tony-nominated New York theater veteran, arts philanthropist, …

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  3. A Bright Ray of Darkness: Ethan Hawke with Caryn James | LIVE from NYPL

    The acclaimed actor/writer/director’s first novel in 20 years is the blistering story of a young man making his Broadway debut in Henry IV just as his marriage implodes.


    For recommended reading and event details, visit:


    Ethan Hawke’s new novel is a bracing meditation on fame and celebrity and the redemptive power of art; a portrait of divorce; and a poignant consideration on fatherhood. It’s also a passionate love letter to the world of theater. His narrator is a young man in torment, disgus…

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  4. The Thermodynamics of Life: Rabbi Professor Jeremy England 🔥 🧬🔥

    A preeminent physicist unveils a field-defining theory of the origins and purpose of life. Why are we alive? Most things in the universe aren’t. And everything that is alive traces back to things that, puzzlingly, weren’t. For centuries, the scientific question of life’s origins has confounded us. But in Every Life Is on Fire, physicist Jeremy England argues that the answer has been under our noses the whole time, deep within the laws of thermodynamics.

    England explains how, counterintuitively, the very same forces that tend to tear things apart assembled the first living systems. But how life began isn’t just a scientific question. We ask it because we want to know what it really means to be alive. So England, an ordained rabbi, uses his theory to examine how, if at all, science helps us find purpose in a vast and mysterious universe. In the tradition of Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning, Every Life Is on Fire is a profound testament to how something can come from nothing.

    Get the book:

    00:00:00 Intro 00:01:31 The story of the title and cover 00:05:47 How do you reconcile the major differences in the interpretation of a creator between Judaism and Christianity? 00:12:11 Why are there so many Jewish and Atheist …

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  5. Covid-19 - The Outlook in Europe

    The continuing spread of SARS-CoV-2 remains a public health emergency of international concern. What physicians need to know about transmission, diagnosis, and treatment of Covid-19 is the subject of ongoing updates from infectious disease experts at the Journal.

    In this audio interview conducted on January 4, 2022, the editors are joined by Berlin virologist Christian Drosten to discuss the situation in Europe, along with a new study of vaccine effectiveness against transmission of SARS-CoV-2.

    Eric J. Rubin, M.D., Ph.D., Lindsey R. Baden, M.D., Christian Drosten, M.D., and Stephen Morrissey, Ph.D.

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  6. Episode 3 EV Charging Distance vs Demand

    Covering the challenges of charging an Electric Vehicle in Australia, with charging capacity on long-distance routes and the economics vs more populous countries.

    The Engineered Network: Support: The Engineered Network:

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  7. #FMSARGENTINA Jornada 2 Temporada 4 - #FMS22 | Urban Roosters

    ¡La #FMSARGENTINA vuelve para su cuarta temporada! Luego de casi 2 años sin público, la gran esencia de la liga argentina volverá a los escenarios y se reencontrará con el público. Las nuevas caras del panorama argentino se enfrentarán contra las leyendas del freestyle en busca del anillo de campeón nacional. ¡Se viene una temporada increíble!

    Únete a la comunidad de Freestyle más grande del Mundo! Hazte socio de la Urban Roosters Family para disfrutar de ventajas exclusivas:

    Ahora tú eres el jurado. Vota en

    Síguenos en nuestras redes: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Twitch:

    Beatmakers Oficiales FMS:

    Puedes disfrutar de estas instrumentales en nuestras Playlist Oficiales:

    FMS Chile:

    FMS México:

    FMS España:

    FMS Peru:

    FMS Internacional:

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  8. E04 Go Die in a Hole 4: The Endless Stair (pt2)

    A podcast where Arnold K of Goblin Punch and Nick LS Whelan of Papers & Pencils run through dungeons, and talk about them.

    Having played through CM8 - The Endless Stair in the last episode, what do we think of it? Is there anything in here we’d steal for our own games?

    From the book jacket: The Great Mage Cheiromar, known as Aglahund the Mighty, is said to be buried under the Leaning Stone atop Galzar’s Crag. One of his apprentices, Ulthorn, has been discovered dead in an aperture of the Leaning Stone…a doorway that locals swear has never been there before!

    You must discover how Ulthorn died and the mystery of the Leaning STone. In the process, you may find yourself at the Endless Stair. Those who never climbed it say it seems to lead to nowhere. Those who did never lived to tell of it.

    Will you dare ascend into the unknown?

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