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  1. Heróis seriam corrompidos pelo poder? | Nerdologia

    No Nerdologia de hoje vamos ver se os heróis de The Boys fariam sentido na vida real.

    Apresentação: Átila Iamarino: -

    Roteiro: Átila Iamarino:

    Edição e Arte: Estúdio 42 –

    FONTES Piff, P. K., Stancato, D. M., Côté, S., Mendoza-Denton, R., & Keltner, D. (2012). Higher social class predicts increased unethical behavior. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109(11), 4086-4091.

    SAIBA MAIS Como ouvir audiolivros: Bibliografia do Nerdologia: Power Paradox, do Dacher Keltner:

    MATERIAL USADO TRILHA SONORA - Royalty Free Heavy Metal Instrumental - Game Over: VÍDEO - The Boys - Final Trailer | Prime Video: VÍDEO - #The Boys TV Series First Fight scene clip HD: VÍDEO - Marvel Opening Theme: VÍDEO - New Opening DC | Wonder Woman: VÍDEO - The Boys - NYCC Teaser: Vought is Here For You | Prime Video: VÍDEO - Homelander & Maeve Passengers Scene - The Boys S1E4: VÍDEO - Homelander Kills Stillwell - Death Scene | The Boys (2019) 1x8: VÍDEO - Pod…

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  2. Júlio César, o conquistador da Gália | Nerdologia

    No Nerdologia de hoje, conheça mais da história de Júlio César.

    Apresentação e Roteiro: Filipe Figueiredo –

    Edição e Arte: Estúdio 42 –

    FONTES A breve biografia Julius Caesar, da série Command, da editora Osprey, por Nic Fields: O melhor manual de História romana é o SPQR, de Mary Beard, já mencionado aqui antes:

    SAIBA MAIS Sobre a parte militar da conquista da Gália, a Osprey tem outros dois livros. Caesar’s Gallic Wars: 58-50 BC, de Kate Gilliver: E Alesia 52 BC: The final struggle for Gaul, de Nic Fields: A Estação Liberdade juntou as duas biografias clássicas de César, de Suetônio e de Plutarco, em um só volume, chamado Vidas de César:

    MATERIAL USADO IMAGEM - Aurélia Cota: IMAGEM - Jupiter bust: IMAGEM - julius caesar young: IMAGEM - Gaius Julius Caesar (proconsul of Asia): IMAGEM - Gaius Marius: IMAGEM - Gaius Marius: IMAGEM - firstinvasionof_Britain: IMAGEM - commentaries on the gallic war: IMAGEM - germanic tribes:

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  3. dairy

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  4. Shabbos 61

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  5. Who Do Men Say I Am?

    Ligonier October 2019 Message of the Month RC

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  6. Chapo Trap House 359 - SSSSSSMmoking with Slavoj feat. Slavoj Žižek (10/17/19)

    We’re joined by philosopher Slavoj Žižek to discuss the 1994 Jim Carrey film "The Mask".

    Pick up Žižek’s new book here:

    This is a Chapo Trap House premium episode. Check out their Patreon here:

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  7. Episode #225 Can subinterpreters free us from Python’s GIL? - [Talk Python To Me Podcast]

    Talk Python To Me is a podcast for developers who are passionate about Python. Learn about the language and related technologies.


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  8. TMBA515: Dan and Ian: The Full Backstory. Part 1

    In the ten years that Dan and Ian have been recording this podcast, the number one thing that they hear from listeners is that they want to know more about their story.

    Today’s episode is the first part of a two-part documentary series where Dan and Ian open up about their own personal history.

    In this episode, you will hear why they each decided to move to San Diego, California, the circumstances that led to their meeting, how they became friends, and ultimately how they decided to become business partners.

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  9. 1: Peter Thiel — The Portal — Overcast

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  10. 3: Werner Herzog — The Portal — Overcast

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