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  1. Menachos 107

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  2. #024 - Stepping Into the Circle with Julio Cesar Ody

    Julio Cesar Ody is a magician, author and mercilessly practical practitioner of Solomonic magic. Hailing from Brazil where he performed seances and experiments with the Book of Saint Cyprian (among other practices), Julio’s new book from Scarlet Imprint, “Magister Officiorum”, details his use of the fundamentals of in-depth Solomonic magical methods and how his approach is informed by other strands in the Western magical tradition: including Espiritismo and Obeah. We talk about grimoiric magic, working with a King of the Four Directions, the hierarchy of spirits, working with Lucifer and so much more!

    *Check out ‘Magister Officiorum’ from Scarlet Imprint: https://scarletimprint.com/publications/magister-officiorum *Check out Julio’s website: http://crossing-sun.com/

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  3. Milton Friedman - Illegal Immigration only helps when its Illegal

    Good ole fashion common sense.

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  4. Breaking News | Morning 6/24/18 | Angus King; James Lankford; Erick Erickson, Stephen Hayes

    Breaking News Trump 6/24/18 | Angus King; James Lankford; Erick Erickson, Stephen Hayes

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  5. ‘Have a Nice Day’ Glenn Beck WALKS OFF CNN Interview After host Brings Up TheBlaze Layoffs

    LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE Glenn Beck snapped at Brian Stelter and walked off the interview after the CNN host asked him about a report on his company TheBlaze.

    The Daily Beast reported yesterday Beck’s media empire is imploding:

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4SS7o3Qrrg
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  6. The Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada will be launched this evening - CBC Player

    A new four-volume atlas covering Indigenous lands, languages, history and cultures… will soon grace our library shelves and classrooms. Coming up… we will hear more about this groundbreaking resource.


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  7. EARTHCORE Ep 1 sponsored by “GoDaddy Coupon” http://www.scottsigler.com/godaddy

    We kick off a new podcast novel! Watch out, or you, too, will become a Siglerism Junkie. Sponsored by our "Audible Free Trial" page at http://www.scottsigler.com/audible-free-trial


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  8. Upgrade #198: The Mac Is Dead, Long Live the Mac - Relay FM

    Apple has said that it’s not merging iOS and macOS, but that sneak peek of iOS apps coming to macOS opens up a lot of questions. Jason’s optimistic, but Mac users may be in for the biggest changes to the platform since the introduction of Mac OS X.


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  9. Inside AngelList’s future: Naval Ravikant

    Organisations, like people, can be outliers too.

    Since December 2016, I have had conversations with 59 individual outliers; a journey where me and hopefully you too, have learned with each episode.

    With this episode of Outliers podcast, we’re kind of breaking away from the mold and expanding these conversations to companies and organizations that are outliers in the way they behave, their mission, and so on.

    AngelList has been an outlier from the start in February 2010 when Naval Ravikant along with his co-blogger at Venture Hacks Babak Nivi, started with a group of investors.

    “AngelList was started to help startups with their most difficult tasks, helping them do that with internet at scale and with the matching engine that makes it possible,” says Ravikant.

    “AngelList can stumble, AngelList could fall, but I don’t think that will be because technology stops being interesting. It will be because of us,” he adds.

    So how does AngelList keep relevant?

    “Relevance just means you change with the times. It’s a hard problem,” says Ravikant.

    For its part, AngelList has been trying to stay relevant. For instance, AngelList hived off CoinList last year; a step towards shaping the future of investing, according to Ravikant. Then, in 2016, AngelList acquired Product Hun…

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  10. The Mentally Ill Form Couples

    Full text on my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BjSTWDfgx8z/?taken-by=vakninsamnarcissist

    Everything You Need to Know about Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Abuse - click on this link: http://www.narcissistic-abuse.com/faq1.html

    The mentally ill form dyads or couples. Pathologies attract each other and resonate in alliances of pain, fused relationships.

    Such partnerships are suffused with torment: the mentally ill spouses or intimate partners engage in mutually hurtful conduct. It is also heartbreaking to watch your loved one’s inexorable decline.

    Gradually, the parties settle on coping strategies that are either "approach" or "avoidance" oriented.

    The "approach" strategies include active denial of the problem often via a shared psychosis which renders the mental illness something to espouse, encourage, or be proud of.

    Another strategy involves enabling. The enabler collaborates with the mentally sick partner so as to accommodate his or her disability.

    Sometimes one of the partners assumes the role and mantle of guru, teacher, coach, guide, or father or mother. He or she suppresses dissent and re-molds the mentally ill partner to conform to some ideal. This could involve harsh or even sadistic criticism and humiliation on a daily basis as well as intermittent reinforcement.

    But more o…

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