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  1. Einsamkeit und Zusammenhalt - Der einsame Tod des Herrn D.

    Berlin - ein Plattenbau mit elf Etagen und über 30 Wohnungen. Wenn die Nachbarn Herrn D. vor einigen Jahren zufällig im Fahrstuhl trafen, grüßten sie einander und erkundigten sich nach dem gegenseitigen Wohlbefinden. Herr D. war immer adrett angezogen, stets höflich. Dann kam der Alkohol, und der freundliche Mann schien immer häufiger neben sich zu stehen.


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  2. 晓说 第127期 拿破仑尾声(上) 一份遗嘱引发的血案

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  3. Breaking News 7/20/17 Trump - Mueller

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeUQLhnvBeo
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  4. EPISODE 3 – “Quirky Rares, and we lay down a 100,000 PEPECASH vs 1 YAMATOPEPE bet” | RARE PEPE PODCAST

    Listen Here: Download here: https://archive.org/download/RAREPEPEPODCASTEPISODE3/RAREPEPEPODCAST_EPISODE_3.mp3 Aloha, Rare Pepe lovers around the world. We have a beautiful show today. We discuss a Rare Pepe that was recently made rare as of 4 days ago, and missed the keen eyes of the Rare Pepe scientist for so long (Issuance wasn’t locked). We also make bets, and trade…


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  5. Episode 2 – “Couldn’t get Wade to stay, but we got Theo, J-$CRILLA, and a few others” | RARE PEPE PODCAST

    Listen Here: Download Here: https://archive.org/download/RAREPEPEPODCASTEPISODE2/RAREPEPEPODCAST_EPISODE_2.mp3 Aloha beautiful peoples in the Rare Pepe Universe, the show’s a mess, but it’s all good. Here are some of the projects, and other kine things that were discussed on the podcast this morning: rarepepemagazine.com Card is RAREPEPEMAG "Tweet @rarepepemag to get your Rare Pepe featured for free" https://t.me/joinchat/BOsbVEKA30C6YTxw7QXsPA KINGDOM…


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  6. Rare Pepe Podcast – Episode #1 “Fuck it, I’m doing this bitch by myself. I’m queuing the music, join us!” | RARE PEPE PODCAST

    "Fuck it, I’m doing this bitch by myself. I’m queuing the music, join us!"


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  7. AWS re:Invent 2016: Deep Dive on Amazon Aurora (DAT303)

    Amazon Aurora is a fully managed relational database engine that combines the speed and availability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases. It is purpose-built for the cloud using a new architectural model and distributed systems techniques to provide far higher performance, availability and durability than previously possible using conventional monolithic database architectures. Amazon Aurora packs a lot of innovations in the engine and storage layers. In this session, we will do a deep-dive into some of the key innovations behind Amazon Aurora, new improvements to Aurora’s performance, availability and cost-effectiveness and discuss best practices and optimal configurations.

    Original video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=duf5uUsW3TM¹
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  8. Noam Chomsky July 2017 - The Emerging World Order

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lL4J0T7pQkQ
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  9. 198: Automation for the People with Sal Soghoian

    Sal Soghoian was known as the "AppleScript and Automator guy" at Apple for

    20 years, and is now heading up the upcoming CMD-D conference. He joins

    Brett to talk about his history, his future, and throw in a couple of

    amazing Steve Jobs stories.

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  10. Al Gore: Climate Change Issue Will Be A ‘Much Bigger Political Plus’ For Democrats : NPR

    Former Vice President Al Gore tells NPR the partisan divide over climate change is fading. Politicians, he says, are told by their pollsters to focus on other issues, but "that’s changing."


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