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  1. Stratechery | The official stratechery podcast, focused on the strategy and business of technology.

    Episode 001: “Welcome to Stratechery.FM”

    Hosts: Jon Nathanson, Ben Thompson

    Runtime: 1 hour 36 minutes

    0:00:00 Introduction

    00:03:00 The Future of Journalism

    Welcome to Stratechery 2.0

    FiveThirty Eight and the End of Average

    Newspapers Are Dead; Long Live Journalism

    00:28:00 The Superfan Economy (in Writing, TV, Music)

    This is Hardcore: How Superfans Drive the Entertainment Business

    00:35:00 Why Movies (and some TV) Are Different from Other Content Types

    Why Hollywood Resists Disruption: It doesn’t fight off invaders. It sits down and does business with them.

    The Cord-Cutting Fantasy

    Why TV Has Resisted Disruption

    The Jobs TV Does

    00:48:15 Google Fiber

    Google’s New Business Model

    – - On Google’s Future Part 1

    00:55:23 Dropbox

    The Heart of Dropbox

    The Dropbox Opportunity

    Battle fo the the Box

    01:22:07 What Wall Street Values in Tech Companies (And What it Expects)

    Apple the Black Swan

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    Follow the show on Twitter @stratecheryfm.

    Host: Ben Thompson (@monkbent)

    Host and Producer: Jon Nathanson (@jonnathanson)

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