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  1. Podcast: bundling and unbundling — Benedict Evans

    A new podcast with Steven Sinofsky on bundling and unbundling in software, mobile and ChinaJim Barksdale in the run-up to the Netscape IPO told potential investors that you can make money in software in two ways: bundling and unbundling. Benedict Evans and Steven Sinofsky revisit that thesis in the context of a mobile app world — how Facebook for example, is unbundling itself, while at the same time Baidu is bundling everything together as fast as it can. How and why Barksdale’s thesis is very much alive and well in the mobile world. All that, and the proper use of "fissiparousness" in a sentence.

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  2. Ep. 11: “I Do This For A Living” with Casey Liss - Defocused - Defocused Podcast

    This week we’re joined by special guest, Casey Liss, to discuss 90s music (bad), and Michael Mann’s Collateral (good).

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    Tangential Episode #3: ‘It’s the Shafting Phase’

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    American Cinematographer: Collateral

    LA Metro Rail Map (PDF)

    The Hunt for Red October (1990) - IMDb

    [MP3]: Ep. 11: "I Do This For A Living" with Casey Liss

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