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  1. Large-Scale Collective IQ

    Dr. Douglas Engelbart invented or influenced the mouse, hypertext, multiple windows, bit-mapped screens, shared screen teleconferencing, and outline processing. But his ideas transcend technology and computer science and reach into the humanitarian. In this presentation, he tells how can we construct a collective vision as to where we are headed and where we should best be headed. The history of computing has always been marked by individuals who have been years ahead of their time. The nature of computing, its impact on society, and the acceleration of change in turn recursively accelerates change.

    In 1962, Dr. Engelbart began focusing his efforts on constructing a conceptual framework that would become his seminal work, originally written in a research report prepared for the Director of Information Sciences of the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research. In this work, Dr. Engelbart describes the groundwork for such concepts as augmenting human intellect, improvement infrastructure, co-evolution of artifacts with social-cultural language-practices, and bootstrapping. The motivations for this framework were (and continue to be) the idea that both complexity and urgency are increasing exponentially and that the combination of both complexity and urgency will soon challenge our public and private organizations. Thus, organizations must actively work against the pressures of complexity and urgency to become increasingly faster and smarter at their core missions, and as such, organizations will need to become faster and smarter at how organizations continue to improve.

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  2. Ask Altucher Ep. 69 “Why reading the news is a waste of your time”

    James often says that he doesn’t rely on traditional news publications and media outlets to keep up with current events.

    Today’s question comes from a listener who wants to know how James is able to stay current with trends and technologies if he doesn’t use mainstream sources.

    With much of his time spent reading and coming up with practices to improve his life, find out how James is able to receive only the important news and ignore the unnecessary.

    As James has said before, "Forget the news. All headlines are lies – they are just trying to scare you." This episode will certainly make you think twice about what better things you could be doing with your time instead.

    James and Claudia’s brand-new book, The Power of No, is now available.

    Click here to order.

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  3. Nerdist Podcast #36: Donald Glover

    Number 36: Donald Glover Donald Glover is on “Community” but has so many damn talents that someday we’ll all just be tiny moons orbiting his mega-stardom. Chris fails with his #Hardwick4Hulk campaign and Jonah & Matt write a

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  4. CRE141 IPv4

    Das IPv4 Protokoll ist die Grundlage des Internets wie wir es heute kennen und trotz der absehbaren Migration auf den kommenden Standard IPv6 wird es noch auf unabsehbare Zeit unverzichtbar bleiben. Im Gespräch mit Tim Pritlove erläutert Fabian Yamaguchi die grundlegende Funktionsweise der Protokollfamilie und wie es sich in der realen Welt darstellt. Das Gespräch wendet sich eher an Einsteiger, die sich mit dem Wesen der Internetkommunikation vertraut machen möchten.

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