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  1. All Sorts of Collective Nouns

    Brian Suda interviews Drew Neil about the All Sorts project. They talk about the site's origins and how it has grown. Brian recalls the Moo cards that were used to promote the site, and Drew talks of the recent exhibition of screen printed collective noun illustrations in Edinburgh's Owl & Lion gallery.

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  2. Would WordPress sue the maker of Thesis, a leading WordPress theme?

    Chris doesn't believe WordPress's GPL should be inherited by themes. Matt does, and the SFLC and others agree. The conversation is interesting because (a) they and the podcaster do a great job of keeping it civil and on-track and purposeful, and (b) Chris is unswayed. Chris built on GPLed software without realizing it, and is having trouble with the implications. Chris's experience, and feelings, and thought processes, are replicated all around the world. This is like a usability bug for free software.


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