The Book of Lost Books, by Stuart Kelly - West Port Book Festival

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  1. Collective Nouns with Stuart Kelly - West Port Book Festival

    Author and literary editor Stuart Kelly is a closet fan of collective nouns, those brilliant and brain-bending terms that allow us to junk a dullard ‘group’ or ‘flock’ for many more interesting and apt alternatives. Author of upcoming Scott-land (Birlinn) and veteran of West Port 09 with his wonderful “Book of Lost Books” (see last year’s podcast), Stuart’s event appeals to those who appreciate the linguistic greatness of a murder of crows, or the disparity between Sir Walter Scott’s influence and his status.

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  2. The history of crisps, Peter Burnett

    Crisps are greasy. They are oily. Crisps live in an ambient world inside their silvered packets, but always their world meets ours. Why do we need crisps? Is there a logic to crisps? Peter Burnett expounds on the crisps chapter of his moreish "The Supper Book" and offers his research into this amazing foodstuff.

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  3. Edinburgh festival podcast: Best of week one

    Miles Jupp presents some choice cuts from the week’s shows, including the Pajama Men, Zoe Lyons, Daniel Sloss, the Magnets, Phil Nichol, Idiots of Ants and 4 Poofs and a Piano

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  4. Grant Morrison at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

    Legendary Scottish comics writer Grant Morrison recently completed his iconic run on Batman and is currently working on the new mythology-tinged Wonder Woman: Earth One. In this event recorded live at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2013, Morrison discusses his remarkable career, Bat-Cow and an epiphinal experience in Kathmandu.

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  5. Live at the Edinburgh Festival: Best of week two | Stage |

    Miles Jupp introduces a week of highlights from our comedic nerve-centre at the Gilded Balloon, including David O’Doherty, Sam Simmons, Wilson Dixon and Pappy’s Fun Club

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  6. George RR Martin (2104 Event) | Media | Edinburgh International Book Festival

    It’s not too often that an author will so happily embrace the film or TV show adapted from his or her own fiction, but George R R Martin se


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  7. George RR Martin on Game of Thrones - Edinburgh books podcast | Books |

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  8. The Sandman with Neil Gaiman at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

    Over its 76 issues The Sandman has become one of the most influential comics of the modern era. It is a dark, literary fantasy series that tantalises readers with hints of a nightmare just beyond our vision. In this event, filmed live at the 2013 Edinburgh International Book Festival, Neil Gaiman is interviewed by graphic novelist and illustrator Hannah Berry and together they explore how to play with words, images, motifs and themes to create a sense of the unknown and unexplained.

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  9. 133: A History Lesson Apart

    Mike sits down with internet favorite handsome boy model Jeffrey Zeldman to talk about the history of An Event Apart. From it’s modest beginnings in a basement room at The Franklin Institute, to the inspiring institution it is today.

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  10. Nuclear Arms and Human Rights

    Public Lectures and Events: podcasts - Podcasts - LSE

    Speaker: Professor Niall Ferguson

    Chair: Professor Michael Cox

    This event was recorded on 1 March 2011 in Old Theatre, Old Building

    The decisive breakthroughs in the Cold War occurred in seemingly unrelated fields – nuclear arms control and human rights. But was the collapse of communism a reflection of imperial overstretch or the result of liberal aspirations for freedom?
    This event celebrates the publication of Professor Ferguson’s new book Civilization: The West and the Rest. Niall Ferguson is Philippe Roman Chair in History and International Affairs at LSE IDEAS for 2010-11.

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