Puttin’ In Work with Jono Pech

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  1. FLOSS Weekly 65: Jono Bacon


    Hosts: Randal Schwartz and Leo Laporte

    Jono Bacon, community manager for the Ubuntu Linux distribution, and rock star.

    Guests: Jono bacon for Ubuntu

    Amongst his other exploits Bacon is known for starting the website Linux UK, working on KDE, co founding the Lug Radio podcast. He is currently Canonical’s Ubuntu community manager. He has published three books, spoken at open source conferences throughout the world, and releases his heavy metal music under a the free Creative Commons license.

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  2. IYFP003 – Pleiten Pech und Gremlins | GET Podcast

    Wenn man kein Glück hat, hat man zumindest Pech.

    Bei unserem ausnahmsweise aufgenommenen oc.at Radio reden wir über technische Gebrechen, Hoppalas und Totalausfälle. Das reicht vom Schüttel-Laptop bis hin zum auseinander fallenden Auto. Wir reden darüber, … Wie man eine Live-Sendung zwei mal abrauchen lässt. … Was man stattdessen macht und warum bald alles besser wird. … Unsere besten technischen Pannen. … viel Retro Kram


    Dauer: 1:01:48



    master_burn @ IYFP003 - Pleiten Pech und Gremlins


    This work is licensed under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license.

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  3. Rus Bradburd Interview (Fiddle)

    Digging into tunes. Paddy Jones. The Draoicht. Sports and music, and finding your place in both. Coaching basketball in Ireland and the Tralee Tigers. Carl Hardebeck, The Blind Bard of Belfast. The fiddle as an old person’s instrument. Paddy on the Hardwood. Slow airs in sessions and New Mexico polkas.


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  4. Episode 93: Basketball! Basketball!! Basketball!!! with @skeskali and @DebTorres54 | Bellwether Friends

    In this episode, we talk basketball with Cecily of The Riverdale Rag and Deb, sharing our personal basketball histories and favorite teams, coaches, and players. When we recorded the episode, the winner of this year’s WNBA championship was still in doubt, but since then the STORM have claimed the title, to the delight of many.



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  5. Juicy J - Greatest Hits

    Memphis ‘93 - ‘94

    A1. Intro A2. Scopin With That Red Dot (Ft. Lil Gin) A3. Slob On My Knob A4. Doggin All These Bitches (Ft. Skinny Pimp, 211, Lyrical Dope) A5. Bring It On (Ft. Lyrical Dope, Skinny Pimp) A6. Volume 8 Side A Outro A7. Niggas Got Me Fucked Up (Ft. Project Pat) A8. Murderer, Robber (Ft. DJ Paul, Lord Infamous, Project Pat) A9. Get Buck Mix A10. Side A Outro

    B1. Fuck Dat Shit B2. Till Ya Drop (Ft. Crunchy Black, La Chat) B3. Don’t Be Scared B4. Slob On My Knob Mix B5. Suck A Mean Dick B6. Puttin Hoes On Da House (Ft. DJ Paul, Lord Infamous, Project Pat, Lil Glock, Lil Don, S.O.G.) B7. I Get Da Chewin (Ft. Project Pat) B8. She Goin (Ft. MC Mack, Nigga Creep)*

    *the last minute is missing from the tape

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  6. MMA Community Reacts to the Scary Finish in Jacare Souza vs Chris Weidman,Cormier on Jon Jones

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    Daniel Cormier on Jon Jones,

    Adesanya on Anderson Silva,

    Dana White on Adesanya,

    Reactions to Weidman vs Souza,

    Jacare Souza on late stoppage,

    Dana White on Jacare Souza,

    And Much More in this MMA News Video, Music used-beatsbyNeVs -Ridin’ Check Him Out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbtzvwKwql8 Outro Music beatsbyNeVs -beatsbyNeVs - Rebel [FREE DL] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AGMFdL_tNA

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Tq0tYOMl3g
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  7. Sasha Frere-Jones by How Long Gone

    Sasha Frere-Jones is a writer, musician, and music critic living in New York. Chris and Jason chat with him about the recent passing of his ex-wife, sobriety, being both a musician and a music critic, the importance of our loved ones pushing us further, writing his memoir, mixtapes, streaming music, Substack, and why he loves New York.





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