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  1. Steve Jobs Stories

    Chris Fralic, Steven Levy, Esther Dyson, Mike Slade, John/Diane SCULLEY, Seth Godin, Andy Cunningham, Dan’l Lewin, Doug Menuez, Regis McKenna, Andy Hertzfeld, and Steven Rosenblatt share their "Steve Jobs Stories" in honor of what would have been the Apple cofounder’s 66th birthday.

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  2. Don’t make it perfect, make it now | Gavin Strange talk video

    Collaborate Bristol - The South West’s leading UX and Design Conference:

    If you missed Collaborate, tickets for Interact London on 16th October are on sale now:

    Don’t make it perfect, make it now

    Talk by Gavin Strange at Collaborate Bristol 2019

    Making the work is the easy part. Finding the time is the difficult bit. In this talk, Aardman Animations Director & Designer Gavin Strange shares his stories and methods behind getting the most out of those pesky 24 hours, conveyed via the medium of bright colours and animated GIFs. Gavin prides himself on being a "realistic idealist" or an "idealistic realist," striking the balance between uncurbed enthusiasm and pragmatic process.

    Floaty sentiments aside, his presentation is about finding the energy and making the time to create things that matter. That’s something he believes applies to everyone, from student to CEO!

    Collaborate Bristol is organised by Nomensa - the strategic UX design experts.

    Gavin is Designer and Director at Aardman Animations

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    Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: http://face

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  3. Is a Calorie a Calorie? Processed Food, Experiment Gone Wrong

    The Modern American Table: Is a Calorie a Calorie?

    We’ve all heard the dictate that a calorie is a calorie regardless of its source. But are all foods truly created equal in terms of how they affect our health and weight?

    Given the barrage of competing information directed at us every day, what do we really know about healthy eating?

    Robert Lustig, MD, is Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology at University of California, San Francisco, and the author of Fat Chance: Beating the Odds against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease.

    Christopher Gardner, PhD, Professor (Research) of Medicine is a nutrition researcher at the Stanford Prevention Research Center whose research has been investigating the potential health benefits of various dietary components or food patterns, explored in the context of randomized controlled trials in free-living adult populations

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  4. Psychohistory: Isaac Asimov and guiding the future

    100 years on from Isaac Asimov’s birth, Matthew Sweet looks at one of the bigger ideas contained in some of his 500 books; Psychohistory.

    The idea, from Asimov’s Foundation series, was that rather like the behaviour of a gas could be reduced to statistical probabilities of the behaviour of billions of molecules, so the history of billions of human beings across the fictional galactic empire could be predicted through a few laws he called ‘Psychohistory’.

    The idea inspired many to think that social sciences and economics can really be reduced to some sort of idealized set of physics principles, making future events completely predictable. It and similar ideas are still breeding enthusiasm for such things as data science, AI, machine learning, and arguably even the recent job advert by Downing Street advisor Dominic Cummings for more ‘Super-Talented Wierdos’ to work for government. But how do we see what is real and what is not, what is Sci-Fi and what is hype, what is reasonable and what is desirable, in the gaps between innovation and inspiration, restraint and responsibility?

    Jack Stilgoe of University College London has a new book out ‘Who’s Driving Innovation?’. Science and Tech journalist Gemma Milne’s forthcoming book is called ‘Smoke and Mirrors: How hype obscures the future and How to see past it’. Una McCormack is an expert on science fiction writing at Anglia Ruskin University, and Alexander Boxer is a data scientist who’s new book ‘Scheme of Heaven’ makes the case that we have much to learn about human efforts to deduce the future from observable events by looking at the history of Astrology, its aims and techniques.

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  5. S06E8 Modern Web Podcast - Utility-First CSS

    In this episode of the Modern Web podcast, our hosts Rob Ocel & Jake Dohm speak with Adam Wathan and Sarah Dayan about Utility-First CSS.

    Our Guests:

    Adam Wathan (@adamwathan) - Working on Tailwind CSS

    Sarah Dayan (@frontstuff_io) - Sr. Software Engineer @ Algolia

    This episode is sponsored by NativeScript ( & This Dot Labs (

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  6. How Privilege Defines Performance, Tatiana Mac @ #PerfMatters Conference 2019

    In theory, performance, accessibility, and inclusive design all have similar goals: Provide the best, most consistent experience to all people using the minimal amount of resources.

    In practice, this often falls apart.

    Product creators define what it means to be performant from where they stand, which is typically from places of privilege with unseen biases, struggling to find true empathy with their users.

    Through this talk, we’ll examine how to build conscientiously, looking within to resist systematic problems in order to create more truly performant, accessible, and inclusive systems for our users.

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  7. How Designers Destroyed the World - Mike Monteiro, at USI

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    Mike Monteiro run Mule Design Studio. He came to USI to talk about moral responsibility in its job. Designers have a responsibility, not only to themselves and to their clients, but also to the wider world: as designers, we create new things. That’s a huge responsibiliy that can be amazing, only if you wonder “what do I want to create, and not to create?”

    We are designers because we love to create, but creation without responsibility breeds destruction. Every day, designers all over the world work on projects without giving any thought or consideration to the impact that work has on the world around them. This attitude leads to destruction, and this needs to change. To illustrate its talk, Mike Monteiro use the exemple of broken lifes because of a change in Facebook Confidentiality Parameters. For Mike Monteiro, every designers should wonder what are the consequences of their job : “be more scared of your work’s consequences than you love the smartness of your own ideas”.

    A French report of the conference is available on the USI blog:

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  8. How to Stop Wasting Time—Jake Knapp at Amplify

    In this talk at Amplify 2018, author and former Google designer Jake Knapp shares advice on how to stop wasting time in life and at work (especially during design sprints).

    Our top 3 takeaways: 1. Quit wasting time on ideas that suck. The design sprint helps reduce time on arguments, politics, meetings, and playing it safe. 2. The default is playing it safe. (But sometimes those dangerous ideas are the good ones. The design sprint allows you to take a big risk and find out.) 3. If we fall into our defaults with time management, all we have time to do is react. Other people own what we do with our time. But it’s your time. Reexamine what’s going on and take your time back.

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