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  1. EP23: Whose DNA is better? 10/02 by Radio X | Comedy Podcasts

    They said it wouldn’t happen! One of the ideas from the show has finally been followed up! This week, we found out about Russell & Matt’s heritage and it got a little competetive. Simon Amstell was on too, chatting about his (and Russell’s) new book!

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  2. From Scratch– Drew Houston, Co-Founder, Dropbox

    Dropbox is a file sharing and personal data storage company that allows users to access their content (Microsoft Word documents, photos, videos, etc.) from any of their devices.

    Prior to starting Dropbox, Drew started an online SAT prep company called Accolade (and yes, he scored 1600 on his SAT). Drew speaks with Jessica about how he built Dropbox, from scratch.

    Listen to the interview

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