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    Welcome to the imaginatively entitled ‘Radio Radio’, a series of podcasts presented by Gareth Jones from Bristol, UK.

    Please ‘like’ us on facebook: or follow us on twitter:

    In this 1 hour special you’ll hear quirky cover versions of Bowie songs plus an interview with MOMUS (this section starts 21mins in)


    FRANK SIDEBOTTOM covering Life On Mars

    THE SPACE LADY covering Starman

    THE MOOG COOKBOOK covering Ziggy Stardust

    GOLDEN DELICIOUS covering Suffragette City

    MOMUS - The Manticore

    MOMUS covering Where Are We Now?

    DAVID BOWIE - After All

    MOMUS covering So Hard (by the Pet Shop Boys)

    MOMUS covering Uncle Arthur

    ROLAND RAT covering Fame

    JOHN OTWAY covering Space Oddity

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