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  1. World without Work: Coronavirus + Post-capitalism. Lecture by Alex Williams

    Alex Williams will introduce what post-capitalism as set out in ”Inventing the Future” looks like and what it is responding to, examine changing world of work, calls for UBI, revaluing of labour as a social guarantor of meaning. He will consider a few different countries and some global responses to pandemic and the rhetoric surrounding them as being proto-post-work in nature.

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  2. David Goodhart and Lola Shoneyin have A Drink with the Idler | Idler TV

    Political commentator David Goodhart chats to Idler editor Tom Hodgkinson about his latest book, ‘Head, Hand, Heart’, in which he asks why manual and care work is so undervalued and whether that will change post-Covid.

    Poet Lola Shoneyin chats to Idler Academy director Victoria Hull about her inspiration for Aké Festival, during which showcases the freshest and the most exciting literary voices from Africa and the African diaspora. Lola also performs a couple of poems.

    Plus Mark Vernon offers philosophical comment on the week.

    David Goodhart is the founding editor of Prospect magazine and one of the most distinctive voices on politics today. His book The Road to Somewhere was a Sunday Times bestseller and lauded as the book ‘likely to inform what a post-Brexit Britain might look like’ (Economist). He is currently head of the Demography Unit at the think tank Policy Exchange, and was previously director of the centre-left think tank Demos. Head, Hand, Heart: The Struggle for Dignity and Status in the 21st Century (Allen Lane) is his latest book.

    Lola Shoneyin is a Nigerian poet, novelist and organiser of Aké Festival (22-25 October). Lola chooses for Aké the most important, the freshest and the most exciting voic…

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  3. Brian Eno in conversation with Yanis Varoufakis: Reflecting on our Post-Virus World | DiEM25 TV

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    The coronavirus crisis is revealing that the powers that be of the European Union have learned nothing from the Eurocrisis.

    They are currently betraying the interests of the majority of Europeans in the same way that they have done so in 2010 — by failing to mobilize existing money and public financial instruments in the interests of the many. With their current decisions, they are jeopardizing public health, public goods and the interests of Europeans.

    Every day at 19:00 CEST or 20:00 CEST [depending on the day] switch on the television from the future!

    We call it TV because we like retro-futurism. But it’s much more than TV. In times of global pandemics, DiEM25 is launching a special online and completely free program to understand the current crisis and offer tools and hope to get out of it stronger and more united in building the World After Coronavirus. Everyone will be able to join and pose questions, suggest next topics and next guests!

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  4. The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 274, With Special Guest Merlin Mann

    The Talk Show

    ‘Sport Mode’, With Special Guest Merlin Mann

    Friday, 17 January 2020

    Special guest Merlin Mann returns to the show. Topics include the renewal of U.S. law enforcement officials’ disingenuous campaign against iPhone encryption, the Houston Astros cheating scandal, how that cheating scandal relates to the Trump impeachment saga, and Catalyst and the art of Mac software design. But mostly we talk about finding a good pair of slippers.

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    Trump’s tweet (what else) excoriating Apple for “refus[ing] to unlock phones used by killers, drug dealers

    and other violent criminal elements”.

    Scaring people into supporting backdoors.

    Wired: “Encrypted Messaging Is Essential, But It Isn’t Magic”.

    Merlin on Back to Work, speculating on how many Apple employees today have grown up more on iOS than MacOS, and how that might be starting to shape MacOS:.

    Great video from the always-great CGP Grey: “Should all locks have keys? Phones, Castles, Encryption, and You.”.

    Mack Weldon’s One-Mile Slipper.

    Professional-Grade Crocs.

    Something pretty similar to the coffee filter cone I’ve been using for 20 years (but I only paid like $4-5 for mine).

    This episode of The Talk Show was edited by Caleb Sexton.

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  5. Jordi Casamitjana, the UK animal rights activist fighting to legally protect all ethical vegans

    Who is Jordi Casamitjana, this animal rights activist who people call the “wasps-man”, the “monkeys-man”, the “zoos-man”, the “bulls-man”, and now the “vegan-rights man”, and who may end up securing the protection of all ethical vegans from discrimination?

    Jordi Casamitjana, a UK-based zoologist who has worked in animal protection for decades, and has been an ethical vegan for more than 17 years, is currently (2019) in litigation in an Employment Tribunal case against an animal welfare charity which fired him in 2018, and the tribunal will assess if he was unfairly dismissed because he is an ethical vegan and/or he blew the whistle about the charity’s pension fund being invested in companies that test on animals. However, for his case to be heard the judge needs to determine first whether ethical veganism is a protected philosophical belief under the Equality Act 2010, as there has never been a legal case in the UK that tested this. Therefore, if Jordi’s case is successful, he will effectively secure the legal protection of all ethical vegans from discrimination. However, Jordi had no enough funds to pay his legal fees so he started to crowdfund for them using this website: . Because of the need to attract more donors for his landmark…

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  6. WoWFEST19 presents…Will Self: Keynote Speech Filmed by Julian Taylor:

    Will Self, one of the UK’s most admired and widely read writers and political commentators, launched WoWFEST19 with a keynote speech responding to our festival theme ‘Where Are We Now?’.

    Will Self’s twelve novels, including Phone (2017), Umbrella (2012), which was shortlisted for the Booker Prize, and Shark (2014) have been translated into 22 languages, his nonfiction and journalism appears in The Guardian, Harper’s, The New York Times and the London Review of Books. Always outspoken, often controversial, watch Will Self and WoW to try and work out some answers to where we are now and where we might be going.

    Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

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  7. Evgeny Morozov: The Geopolitics Of Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence has rapidly emerged as a topic of immense interest not just for economists and entrepreneurs but also for observers and practitioners of international relations and geopolitics.

    Writer, Evgeny Morozov, discusses the geopolitics of artificial intelligence with John Thornhill, Innovation Editor, Financial Times at FutureFest 2018.

    See more at

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  8. Vinay Gupta: How blockchain can save the world

    Speaking at 2018’s FutureFest, technologist, policy analyst and founder of Mattereum, Vinay Gupta explores how blockchain could be used to solve some of our biggest challenges from climate change to the refugee crisis.

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